Tucker Max says it’s cool by him to pirate his movie

For those who might not know who Tucker Max is here’s a little background. Tucker is a 34 year old who has fame and fortune by recounting tales of his real-life drunken antics and sexual antics. Out of this he got a book deal in 2006 that saw I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell hit the NY Times Bestseller.

The popularity of the book then landed Tucker a movie deal based on the book that will be hitting theaters tomorrow in a “limited release” and it is the release schedule that has prompted Tucker to tell people living outside of the US and Canada that if they want to see the movie to go right ahead and pirate it.

Other foreign release: Again, we have no control over foreign release at all. None. They can go day and date, they can wait a year, they can just send it straight to DVD, they can do anything they want. That is the way foreign release work, and asking me about when they are coming out is pointless. I don’t know and it’s not up to me. If you live outside the US and are desperate to see the movie and can’t find the release date in your country, then just pirate the movie and watch it online. I am serious. I have no issue with that.

hat tip to Torrent Freaks