Lolo Jones And Jazmine Fenlator Win Silver At Bobsled World Cup

Lolo Jones got her bobsledding career off to a great start this week by scoring a silver medal at the Bobsled World Cup.

The Associated Press reports that Lolo Jones and Jazmine Fenlator took second place at the World Cup opener in Lake Placid on Friday. Tiana Madison, another US Olympic track athlete, and Elana Meyers finished .01 seconds behind Jones and Fenlator for third place. The Canadian team, and reigning world champions Kaillie Humphries, took Gold.

Jones said:

“I’m kind of in shock … We’ve been training with all the other Team USA members. It’s been an inner battle within our own team. I think this is great that we had a great run today on race day. I’m so used to just so relying on myself. I’ve never experienced this level of having a team before.”

Jones was picked for the US team last month and this was her first Bobsledding competition.

Jones said:

“Little did I know coming out here would just like open up the floodgates to something just completely new for me … I’m just thrilled to be out here, and Jazmine’s humble. She’s really dealing with a true rookie. I’m a veteran in my own sport, but the first run she just had to drive to make up for my lack of technique because I’m still working on it. I’m not on the start line confident in all of my angles yet, so she has to really drive amazing. My hat’s off to her. Literally, moments before she’s still showing me angles.”

Fenlator, who was able to grab the first World Cup medal of her career with Jones pushing the sled, said:

“I’m shocked … In my wildest dreams, I did not think I would make it to the podium … I just wanted to stay relaxed. I knew that Lolo was hyped. I just tried to stay nice and smooth. Lolo and Tianna have great experience in high-pressure situations. They stayed really calm, so even though they’re rookies in the sport, you know on game day they’re going to be ready to go.”

Veteran Elana Meyers was also happy with the two track stars on the team. Meyes added:

“It’s pretty awesome, (Madison) did great her first race. They (Madison, Jones and Evans) are doing tremendous for this team. Just their spirit of competitiveness and willingness to fight for everything brings the whole level of the team up. It’s pretty awesome having them here.”

Coach Todd Hayes said that he’ll be rotating his two track stars to different sleds throughout the World Cup season and expects to bring home some medals at the 2014 Winter Olympics.

The third American team, comprised of Jamie Greubel and Aja Evans, finished in ninth.