Cameron Harris: Fake News Writer Bought 'Christian Times Newspaper' For $5 -- Made $22,000 And Got Fired

Cameron Harris went viral after Harris admitted to being the fake news writer behind the website titled Christian Times Newspaper, according to the New York Times. Even if you've never heard of Christian Times Newspaper, you've probably heard of some of their biggest hits. They created so many popular fake news stories that Snopes has their own Christian Times Newspaper category. There was the time Christian Times Newspaper claimed Hillary Clinton was filing for divorce. Then there was the report by the Christian Times Newspaper that said anti-Trump protesters beat a homeless veteran to death. And who can forget the Christian Times Newspaper headline claiming that tens of thousands of votes already marked for Clinton were found in boxes marked "ballot box" in Ohio. That was Cameron's coup de grace in terms of fake news creation.Cameron created that fake story after hearing rumblings of President-elect Trump speaking about his beliefs that the election would be rigged. Trump floated that idea in Ohio; therefore, Harris decided that Ohio would be an ideal location to set his fake story. Cameron bought the Christian Times Newspaper URL for only $5 at and after some time, Harris had crafted his masterpiece of a fake news story that Cameron knew Trump supporters would spread all over the place. Harris said that he had a feeling the article would be very popular -- but it's not known if Cameron realized that the fake article that took him about 15 minutes to create would bring him about $5,000 in earnings within days. The Google ads on the Christian Times Newspaper website swelled to $22,000 -- a site that could have eventually made more than $100,000 for Cameron. Harris admitted he only spent about 30 minutes per week on Christian Times Newspaper and would only work for about 20 total hours on Christian Times Newspaper.

Cameron could have cashed in on the Christian Times Newspaper website at the height of the website's popularity, because when Harris had the domain appraised in late October, the Christian Times Newspaper website ranked within the top 20,000 sites on the entire worldwide web. As a result, Harris could have sold the Christian Times Newspaper website for around $115,000 to $125,000. However, Google would soon enough crack down on fake news websites, and pull their ads from the Christian Times Newspaper website.

Perhaps Harris is wishing he would have sold the Christian Times Newspaper website at that time, because Cameron was recently fired from his job when his fake news writing skills were unveiled, as reported by Snopes. Cameron was fired as an aide to a Republican lawmaker in Maryland named David Vogt III after Harris was revealed as the creator of Cameron also admitted that he voted for Trump.

The Christian Times Newspaper Facebook page is still alive, and is currently collecting comments as people begin to learn Cameron's story. Cameron, meanwhile, has apologized for the fake news stories he created via the Christian Times Newspaper website, as seen in the tweet below.
Cameron is getting all sorts of responses on social media. Some of those comments can be read below.
"Seems like should be charged with fraud or treason or something big for spreading such game changing."

"Well you got your 15 minutes of fame, now crawl back in the hole you came out of. "

"Poor America. with scum like willing to sell Democracy for a buck. Can he be sued for fraud?"

: "And , that $22,000 you made with your 'fake news' advertising income is dirty money. How do you plan to atone? You need to."

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