Donald Trump Accuses Senators John McCain And Lindsey Graham Of Inciting World War III

Donald Trump has seen his share of republican insider feuds, but this one might just be the biggest ever for a sitting U.S. President and two sitting U.S. Senators, which are all representing the Republican Party at the highest levels of government. This time, Donald Trump (R-NY) is squaring off with Senator John McCain (R-AZ) and Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) over the highly controversial travel ban that prohibits citizens of specific Muslim nations from entering the United States.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Donald Trump has not made these statements via the classic media, but rather on his favorite social media account, Twitter, according to Politico. Trump’s insults and accusations to Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham were a direct response to a joint statement they put out about their concern as to whether or not the executive order by President Donald Trump would have a counter effect and drive up the recruitment of terrorists, especially into the terrorist group, ISIS.

“This executive order sends a signal, intended or not, that America does not want Muslims coming into our country. That is why we fear this executive order may do more to help terrorist recruitment than improve our security,” the joint statement from Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham stated.

Full statement of John McCain and Lindsey Graham on Trump’s EO on Immigration: reckless, ill-considered, irresponsible, counter-productive.

— Elliott Lusztig (@ezlusztig) January 29, 2017

It appears as though Donald Trump did not take that statement to well, given that he took directly to Twitter to voice his opinions on the matter. He started off by insulting both John McCain and Lindsey Graham by calling them “weak on immigration.” He then segued over with a “continued tweet” that essentially accused John McCain and Lindsey Graham of “always looking to start World War III.”

“The joint statement of former presidential candidates John McCain & Lindsey Graham is wrong – they are sadly weak on immigration. The two…” the first tweet by Donald Trump said, followed by Trump’s continued statement on the second tweet. “…Senators should focus their energies on ISIS, illegal immigration and border security instead of always looking to start World War III.”

World War III is something that has also been in the headlines a lot lately, but not from Donald Trump, but rather as a result of Donald Trump by former Soviet Union Leader Mikhail Gorbachev. The Russian statesman has a unique outlook on the actions of the United States and the current state of affairs during the Donald Trump administration.

“By now, as Russia and the U.S. reported to the Non-proliferation Treaty Review Conference, 80% of the nuclear weapons accumulated during the years of the Cold War have been decommissioned and destroyed. No one’s security has been diminished, and the danger of nuclear war starting as a result of technical failure or accident has been reduced,” Mikhail Gorbachev wrote in an op-ed for Time.

“Today, however, the nuclear threat once again seems real. Relations between the great powers have been going from bad to worse for several years now. The advocates for arms build-up and the military-industrial complex are rubbing their hands.”

Although the winds of war are always a possibility for any country in the world, there is no indication that the actions of Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham are inciting a war climate. As a matter of fact, the statement from John McCain and Lindsey Graham seems to attempt the exact opposite, by calling out that the executive order by Donald Trump could fan the flames of the war on terror and strengthen the enemy known as ISIS.

It is unclear at this time if John McCain and Lindsey Graham have partisan support in congress for undermining Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration bans, but this could be the beginning of a nasty political “civil war” between the executive and legislative branches of government, solely within the Republican Party.

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