Twice-Convicted Rapist Brett Gordon Tries To Lure Third Underage Victim, Tricked By Vigilante Group [Video]

A formerly convicted double rapist from England is back behind bars after trying to coerce a 12-year-old girl into being his next victim.

Hitchin resident Brett Gordon, 44, was sentenced this past Friday in Cambridge Crown Court to four years in prison with a six-year extended license period for the attempted rape of a London preteen whom he met through the social media app Waplog, according to Metro.

After first introducing himself to the girl, named Demi, as a man nine years younger than his actual age last October, Gordon purportedly exchanged several explicit text messages with the victim, explaining in vivid detail just what he wanted to do with her, while also requesting for her to keep the matter private from her parents.

“They wouldn’t approve,” Gordon once told Demi during their correspondence.

In a latter conversation, Gordon was asked outright by the preteen if her age would stand in the way of their meeting.

“You do not mind that I am 12,” she inquired.

“No,” he reportedly responded.

“You are a woman to me. You are my woman and we will have lots of fun together.”

Incidentally, as noted in some of his earlier messages, Demi’s young age did seem to give Gordon quite a bit of pause at first.

“Maybe we should leave this as is,” he partly expressed to Demi on October 11 of last year.

“I didn’t [realize that] you were only 12. I don’t know if we should be meeting.”

After a flurry of other messages, including some that distinctly mentioned all of the “dirty things” that Brent Gordon would do to the young Demi, the two arranged to finally meet one another, face-to-face, in Hitchin on October 22.

Unbeknownst to Gordon, however, a member of an organization to stop child predators, The Hunted One, had actually been leading the all-too-ready child abuser to his eventual capture by police.

“Hitchin is only 25 minutes on the train from King’s Cross [Station],” Gordon explained to “Demi” after she expressed that she was scared to link up with him.

“Come to mine this weekend and we can do some sexual things in my bed.”

After “Demi’s” train rolled into Hitchin on that fateful day, four members of The Hunted One approached Brett Gordon by the alleyway with cameras in hand, signifying him almost immediately to their successful set-up.

“I have really f***** myself,” a deflated Gordon is heard saying in their recording, which was posted to The Hunted One’s official YouTube channel. “My life is done. I’m going back to prison.”

This latest incident follows Gordon’s first jailing in 2007, after it was alleged that he forced himself onto an 18-year-old girl in his Chesthunt flat on October 2 the year before.

“She woke up in a strange bed to find the defendant having sex with her,” prosecutor Charles Falk explained of the incident during proceedings at St. Albans Crown Court that same year.

While out on bail from that alleged rape, Gordon was said to have sexually assaulted another woman, a 19-year-old, in an alleyway located in the Hertfordshire town on November 20. He was ultimately found guilty of both assaults and sentenced to eight years in jail for his actions.

While being sentenced on the latter instance this past Friday, Judge Jonathan Cooper strongly opposed a comment made by Brett Gordon’s counsel, Will Noble, who stated that his client was of “medium risk” to public safety.

“You are dangerous,” Judge Cooper stated to Gordon from his seat. “There is a significant risk to members of the public to serious harm by the commission of further offences by you.”

Along with his sentencing, Brett Gordon was ordered to add his name to the sex offenders’ registry list, where it will remain for the rest of his life. Also, upon his release, he will have several restrictions placed upon him by way of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order, including limited access to both cell phones and the internet.

[Featured Image by St. Albans Crown Court]