November 20, 2017
Bethenny Frankel Faces Criticism Over Encouraging Activities With Animals In Captivity

Bethenny Frankel enjoys the time she spends with her daughter, Bryn, when she's in her care. Frankel shares custody of her daughter with her ex-husband, Jason Hoppy, and they have a set schedule in place where they split their time with Bryn. When Bethenny does have her daughter, they like to do things together, often all over the country. So when someone asked Bethenny Frankel for advice as to what to do with children in Vegas, she had a long list of suggestions. But one of those suggestions had to do with animals in captivity, which didn't sit well with some of her followers.

According to a new tweet, Bethenny Frankel is now facing some criticism for encouraging people to see a dolphin show in Las Vegas. No word on whether people actually pay money to see this show, but by showing up and watching the show, people are indirectly supporting the notion that animals in captivity is acceptable.

"Taking my will b 5 year old to Vegas in April, I know you love it for kids- any must dos?" one person asked Bethenny Frankel, who has frequently visited Vegas with her daughter.

Frankel replied, "That amusement park in Circus Circus, the children's museum the M & M store, The Mirage dolphin thing."

But it sounds like people aren't too happy with Bethenny's suggestion to see the dolphins at the Mirage, as she would be supporting animals in captivity, which has been a huge discussion over the past couple of years.

"PLEASE do not go see the #Dolphins - people are trying to get them moved. Not a good place for them," one person replied to Bethenny Frankel, who ignored the tweet.

Of course, the discussion about animals in captivity has been a public discussion since the documentary about Tilikum, a whale at SeaWorld, was released. In this documentary, SeaWorld was criticized for the treatment of the whales, and people quickly wanted to boycott the amusement park. In early January, the whale died in Orlando, according to And it sounds like the education and discussion about animals in captivity is spreading, as the Ringling Bros. circus announced they were closing after 146 years.

"This was a difficult business decision to make, but by ending the circus tours, we will be able to concentrate on the other lines of business within the Feld Entertainment portfolio," Juliette Feld said about the closure of the Ringling Bros. circus last week, according to People magazine. "Now that we have made this decision, as a company, and as a family, we will strive to support our circus performers and crew in making the transition to new opportunities."

And this wave of animal treatment is also spreading to Canada. According to CBC News, the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals recently charged Marineland Canada with six counts of animal cruelty. Marineland also has orca whales in captivity and are linked to SeaWorld in terms of training the whales.

It's possible that Bethenny Frankel didn't even realize that people wanted these animals released and that they could possibly be treated badly in captivity. Bethenny has yet to say anything about the suggestion, so it sounds like people will have to make up their own minds about the activities in Vegas.

What do you think of Bethenny Frankel encouraging the dolphin show in Las Vegas, even though people are trying to get these dolphins released? Do you think she should get involved in the discussion about animal cruelty?

[Featured Image by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]