Teen Father Injured Newborn Son While Texting, Blames Staff Of Care Facility

A teenage father left his newborn son injured in a care facility after he became distracted by his mobile phone while texting, resulting in an outburst. In an attempt to dissuade the authorities from placing blame on him, the father blamed the injuries on the staff of the care facility.

The 19-year-old-unnamed father was visiting his newborn son at a specialist residential unit where his newborn son was being cared for. The mother of the child was deemed unfit to care for the child, forcing her to stay away. When the father left the facility, it was noticed the child was in pain. Upon further investigation, the child had head injuries and fractured ribs.

Social services leads of the residential care facility notified the authorities and informed the family court of the case. They felt strongly that their staff did not inflict any harm onto the child and wanted the courts to investigate in a proper manner, according to Metro.

Initially, staff members were satisfied that the father could care for his newborn son. However, there was concern over the amount of time he spent on his cellular phone.

Upon further investigation, authorities determined that the newborn boy was injured in the early morning hours. The judge on the case determined that the father was guilty of injuring his son while being distracted by his cellular phone and “momentarily” losing control.

Judge Keehan stated that the staff spoke positively about the father’s interaction with the newborn son, but being separated from his girlfriend, the mother of the infant, was too hard to handle and he snapped.

“(One staff member) spoke warmly of the father’s care of (his son) but was concerned about the extent of mobile phone contact between him and the mother which distracted him from interacting as much as he could have done with (the baby). In his first month the father incurred a phone bill in excess of £2,400. This reveals a staggeringly high degree of usage. The judge added that the teenager ‘plainly found’ being separated from his girlfriend ‘very hard to bear.’”

The assessment staff of the care facility deemed the father adequately prepared to care for his newborn son. They did not expect him to inflict the pain and suffering onto his child and are now rethinking their decision.

Teen Father Injured Newborn Son While Texting, Blames Staff Of Care Facility

The teen father’s constant contact with the mother of his newborn child revealed that he was consumed with anxiety and was having a hard time to cope with the separation, according to ITV. The phone became such a distraction that he became unable to properly care for his newborn son in an appropriate manner.

Although it may never be truly known what circumstances resulted in the teen father’s cause of pain and suffering upon his child, it was evident that he was the perpetrator of the injuries, not the staff members. It is also uncertain how the father inflicted the injuries upon his newborn son, or how long the assault carried on.

Staff members of the care facility were exonerated of any accusations and were able to continue working without pause. The father, however, will not be able to visit his son anytime soon.

The circumstances behind the mother’s denial of care for her newborn son have not been revealed at this time.

There were no cameras in the room the child was being cared for.

Phone usage is known to be a grand distraction among many teens and early adults, often ending in a situation with an unexpected outcome. Who would you suggest phone usage become less of a distraction?

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