Mia Khalifa News: Ex-Adult Film Star Flaunts Taut Abs, Makes Rare Admission And Offers Advice To Twitter DM Hawks

In the latest Mia Khalifa news, the former porn-star-turned-sports-team-hype-woman is still toning her abs and flaunting them on Instagram. Meanwhile, Mia, aka "Mis Khalifa," has some advice for Twitter DM hawkers: "Don't try to slide in my DMs." You know who you are.

Complex began its news reporting on the outspoken voluptuous brunette by offering advice to readers on behalf of the ex-adult film star.

"Thinking about trying to slide into Mia Khalifa's DMs? Here's a tip: DO. NOT. DO. IT."
The provocative warning shot came on the heels of a Friday radio interview on ESPN's Russillo & Kanell. One of the co-host's alma mater is Florida State University, where he was a quarterback with the Seminoles for four seasons, and had seven seasons with the NFL, according to Sports Reference.Mia Khalifa, once known for being a top adult film actress, has reportedly retired from the hardcore industry and is now offering frequent sports commentary on Fancied and on various social media outlets -- namely Twitter. Over the past two years, the FSU super fan developed a penchant for putting athletes and rappers on blast for "sliding into her DMs" on the sneaky tip. That's direct messages for all you newbies to Twitter.

Khalifa outed then-Bills' safety (currently signed with the Indianapolis Colts), Duke Williams for allegedly violating her widely publicized rule of DM decor, according to The Big Lead. Let's just say, the denial strategy didn't go well and he appeared "thirsty" after all -- compliments of the old trusty screenshot from a quick-thinking Mia Khalifa.

And then there was the time when Mia called out Drake -- allegedly, for the same flagrant foul. The lesson learned here is simple: if she's willing to drop a bomb like that on a person with street cred like Drizzy, she is nothing to play with.

During the ESPN Radio interview, the hosts probed Mia about the DM situation and her rules of etiquette. Apparently, Khalifa, like any other woman, wants some R-E-S-P-E-C-T or -- in the spirit of Cash Money's Birdman -- "Respek" when interacting with her on social media.

To be clear, Mia does not have any qualms about putting Kelly's DM blunder out in the universe. She said it's tough at times to process the messages she receives on Twitter.

"Absolutely not. His [nickname] is Swag Kelly. That should be enough to ask for a public humiliation. I don't feel bad about it because he reactivated his Twitter and re-slid in my DMs like he didn't learn anything the first time."

Mia admits that her account is set up to only receive direct messages from people who she follows back. Although the setting allows Khalifa to have more control over her DMs, she admits that she has to set a buster straight every once in a while.

"I can only be hit up from people I follow. So if I do get hit up, it's usually for a good reason. But if they come at me sideways, they're going to learn the hard way not to."
Despite the daily turnoffs that Mia encounters from guys who think their fame and fortune gives them a spot at the front of the line -- or even a shot at Mia's heart, she admitted it's possible. By her own admission, one mystery "lucky guy" managed to "crack the code" in such a way that she let down her defenses. She's not letting on about who he is, but things have apparently turned up for the "couple."

"I've only actually ever responded to one DM positively and that was very recently," she said without identifying the lucky guy, "and now I'm kind of seeing him, I guess."

The Complex wrote that it believes Mia gets boatloads of traffic from would-be suitors who don't play by the rules. The site has some simple advice if you're one who thinks you can defy the odds and get past Mia's DM firewall.

"And we'd also guess that, 99.99999999 percent of the time, she's either going to clown you or ignore you if you DM her. So don't even bother."