Want To Date A K-Pop Idol? This New App Can Virtually Make It Happen With B1A4’s Gongchan

K-pop idols have millions of fans around the world and many undoubtedly dream of being able to date their favorite Hallyu entertainer.

Well, a new “romance simulator” app in Korea is allowing fans to get a virtual experience of what it would be like to date a K-pop star, Koreaboo reports.

It’s especially good news for fans of B1A4’s Gongchan who will be playing the lead character in the game which is called I Need Romance.

Gongchan will play a k-pop singer, which shouldn’t be too much of a stretch for him given his current occupation.

The goal of the game is to develop a romantic relationship between Gongchan’s character and the user. To do so, the user must figure out the best way to communicate with him and discover his true feelings.

The game was produced by Take One. The CEO of the company says that the creation of the game was inspired by the curiosity lots of k-pop fans feel when they think about what it would be like if they dated their idol. The video includes live-action videos of Gongchan himself to heighten that perception of a real-life dating experience.

“I think everyone has at least wondered what it would feel like to date an attractive Korean pop star. I think many fans will have fun planning out their virtual relationship with a popular idol through this game,” Take One CEO, Jeong Min Chae said in an official statement about the game.

” B1A4’s Gongchan will be starting off the series. I hope fans can feel their heart flutter with Gongchan in the game.”

And if you’re disappointed that Gongchan is playing the main character in the game, don’t worry he won’t be the only k-pop star who is going to be involved, Koreaboo reports.

Take One plans to include other k-pop idols in future iterations of the romance simulator game. New Hallyu idols who could be a part of the game in future include, Produce 101, C.I.V.A’s Kim Sohee, Dal Shabet’s Soobin, and SECRET’s Jun Hyoseong.


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If you think that the premise of the game is far-fetched, think again. There are actually quite a few Korean celebrities who have dated and even married their superfans.

Some of these fans were other celebrities as in the case of Shoo and Im Hyo Sung.

Hyo Sung is a famous basketball player in Korea who married Shoo, a popular singer and former member of k-pop girl group, SES, in 2010.

“I never liked any celebrities, but I totally fell for Shoo after watching SES perform,” he once said of his attraction to her, according to an article in Drama Fever. She was the first celebrity I had a crush on. I put up her picture in my locker room and thought, ‘I’m going to marry her.'”

In other cases, regular fans got the opportunity to meet and fall in love with the entertainer they admired.

Actor Park Hae Il married a woman who came to see his plays before his screen debut.

“I was captivated by this woman who came to see me perform on stage. I was going through economically tough times. She had part-time jobs, and bought me a lot of drinks, ” he once said of his wife. “Eventually, I succumbed to her charms and married her.”

I Need Romance is expected to be released in February.

[Featured Image by Valerie Macon/Getty Images]