Zayn Malik, Muslim Ban: Could Trump Cancel Zayn’s American Visa?

Zayn Malik, America’s favorite resident Muslim pop star, is currently residing in Hollywood, but will Trump eventually force Zayn to leave the U.S.A. or ban him from returning if he leaves to go on a world tour?

Worse, will his girlfriend, Gigi Hadid, also need to worry about her Muslim foreign-born father getting banned from America because of his old construction business rival, Donald Trump?

Now, there are new reports that Donald Trump’s order to ban Muslims is temporarily not going to be upheld, according to Mother Jones.

Despite the fact that Donald Trump signed an executive order that implied Muslims like Zayn Malik would lose their green card status or visas if they leave the country, at least one judge has stopped Trump’s Muslim ban temporarily.

As of January 28, a federal judge in Seattle, Washington, named Thomas S. Zilly has ordered a stop to Donald Trump’s Muslim ban, according to a document uploaded by Mirror.

Sadly, Zayn Malik seems to be under the microscope about his identity as a Muslim frequently, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. Nevertheless, while Donald Trump appears to be targeting Muslims from countries such as Iran, Yemen, and Syria, Zayn Malik has heritage from a country that is not on that list: Pakistan.

Currently, Donald Trump has not listed Zayn Malik’s father’s country of origin as one of his banned Muslim areas of the world, but this could change if his Muslim ban is deemed constitutional.

At that time, Donald Trump could possibly become emboldened to broaden his realm of undesirable Muslims to anyone practicing the religion that is not American by citizenship.

Also, since Zayn Malik has not made any statements about getting dual citizenship between the U.K. and America, it can be assumed that Zayn Malik is living in Hollywood with Gigi Hadid under a green card, tourist visa, or work visa.

What is a reality is that Zayn Malik is Muslim, not born in America, and not currently a U.S. citizen, but the current game Donald Trump is playing is to have, according to Reuters, a 90-day ban of Muslims from seven specific countries — whether they have an approved visa or hold green card status — from re-entering America.

If Donald Trump ups his ante and bans all Muslims that do not have citizenship — regardless of country of birth — it could spell disaster for Zayn Malik’s career.

For Zayn Malik fans, that means he can tour America and stay in America. However, if he leaves America for a concert or to see his family in the U.K., he might not be able to get back into America if Donald Trump decides to further his ban on Muslims to include anyone not born in America that practices that religion.

For now, Donald Trump has not expressed a desire to further his ban on Muslims to include Zayn Malik. Regardless, Donald Trump was not always specific about which types of Muslims to ban or discriminate against.

Zayn Malik, Donald Trump could be at odds over Muslim ban.

For example, when Donald Trump first started talking about the Muslim ban in 2015 as part of his presidential campaign, People wrote that there would be a number of celebrities affected if Trump moved forward with creating a “Muslim registry.”

Names of celebrities popular in America that are Muslims besides Zayn Malik are Amal Clooney, Dr. Oz, The Daily Show star Aasif Mandvi, CNN host Fareed Zakaria, and David Bowie’s wife Iman.

Interestingly, Mohamed Hadid — a foreign-born Muslim living in America under dual citizenship between the U.S.A. and Jordan — might be a real target for revenge for Donald Trump.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid might be Donald Trump’s least-favorite couple — not because they are Muslim — but because they are associated with Trump’s rival Mohamed Hadid.

In 1987, a foreclosed property in Aspen, Colorado, was scooped up by Mohamed Hadid when he preempted the property deal.

Donald Trump wanted that same property in Aspen and later sued Gigi Hadid’s father over the Aspen deal, but Trump lost the lawsuit.

Adding more salt to the wounds for Trump, Mohamed Hadid was significantly helped by this Aspen deal financially. Soon after, Mohamed Hadid was on his way to being as big of a real estate mogul as Donald Trump.

Zayn Malik, Donald Trump may have immigration issues.

Old rivalries between luxury construction developers aside, Donald Trump’s issues with Muslim people born outside of America and other violations have prompted over 357,000 citizens to ask Congress to impeach Trump.

Unfortunately, Donald Trump has had the opportunity to educate himself on Muslims, and the Mayor of London invited to help him.

When the Mayor of London heard Donald Trump wanted to ban Muslims and get Muslims like Zayn Malik to become part of a registry in America in December 2015, the mayor offered to introduce Trump to Muslims in London.

Sadiq Khan is of Pakistani descent like Zayn Malik, and he is also the first London mayor of Muslim descent. Mayor Sadiq Khan stated the following about Donald Trump disliking Muslims, according to an interview he did with Huffington Post U.K. on May 20, 2016.

“So my point to Donald Trump is: if it is the case that your views on Islam are ignorant, if it is the case that you have not met Muslims who are compatible with, comfortable with Western values, to all purposes ‘normal’ – come to London.”

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