Kelly Dodd Makes Big Claims About Heather Dubrow’s Departure And Her Own ‘RHOC’ Future

Did Heather Dubrow voluntarily quit The Real Housewives of Orange County? On Friday, right after Heather announced her departure from the show after starring on it for five seasons, it was reported that she didn’t exactly leave just because she no longer wanted to do it. According to The Dirty, Heather declined to return after she was offered only a “friend” of the housewives spot for the upcoming 12th season. After that was reported, Kelly Dodd, who joined the cast on Season 11 and whom viewers saw battle with Heather throughout the season, confirmed that it’s true that Heather was only offered a “friend” role for the next season. Kelly has also spoken up about whether viewers will see her again on the next season.

The Dirty quoted a source as saying that producers offered Heather a “friend” rather than starring role for Season 12 because they decided that her story lines were getting too boring to warrant her holding an orange in the starring credits. According to the source, Heather declined the “friend” position.

“Heather was offered a friend role for this season. However, she decided not to take it…Production was bored with her story line. It’s been about her house and wealth for years, and they didn’t feel there was enough substance for her to return again as a full time Housewife. Heather turned down the friend role and thus left.”

In the Real Housewives world, a “friend” of the housewives position typically means that the woman is shown intermittently interacting with the starring housewives in group settings. She may or may not take part in the group trips and may or may not appear on the reunion show, depending on how involved she is with the season’s dramatic story lines. Unlike the starring housewives, a “friend” does not appear in the starring credits nor is much focus typically paid to her personal life outside of her interactions with the other housewives.

A viewer left a comment on Kelly’s latest Instagram post about what The Dirty reported regarding Heather’s departure. The viewer gave her opinion that Heather only left because she wasn’t offered a starring role, which she and her husband, Terry Dubrow, would have gladly accepted since they’re “money and fame wh**es.” The viewer also speculated that it was Tamra Judge who gave the website the scoop since she’s friends with the website’s founder.

“makeupcrayz: @rhoc_kellyddodd: The is a reality/celeb site now. New post about Heather not leaving due to other opurtunities. A source( which lmao, we all know is Tamera because she is tight with Nik Richie) says she was only asked back as a “friend” and not full time. She turned it down and left. Is it true? I believe it. The Dubriw’s are money and fame wh**es. No way they would turn down that check.”

Kelly replied that it’s true. It’s not clear whether Kelly is confirming that it’s true that both Heather was only offered a “friend” role and that it was Tamra who spilled the beans or if she’s just confirming the producers’ casting decision.

“rhoc_kellyddodd@makeupcrayz it’s true!”

On Friday, Heather Dubrow released a statement to Bravo’s The Daily Dish stating that she has decided to not return to the show. She pointedly added that the big decision-makers have left the door open for her should she change her mind, implying that they did not want her to leave.

“After a lot of careful thought and deliberation, I have decided not to return to RHOC this season. These past 5 years have been an incredible journey and I’m so proud to have been a part of such an iconic piece of pop culture/ I am so grateful to Evolution Media, Bravo and the whole NBCU family for all of the incredible experiences and the opportunities RHOC has afforded me and my family. However, at this point in my life, I have decided to go in another direction and do what’s best for my family and career. Should I change my mind, I thank Andy Cohen, Evolution and Bravo for telling me that the door is always open.”

Unlike Heather, Tamra Judge is apparently returning for The Real Housewives of Orange County‘s 12th season. On Tuesday, Us Weekly reported that Tamra, who has starred on the show since Season 3, will be back for another season. On Thursday, Tamra posted a photo of herself goofing off with Shannon Beador, suggesting that both she and Shannon have already started filming the new season.

So will viewers see Tamra and Shannon continue to feud with Kelly Dodd on Season 12, this time without the support of Heather? Perhaps not. On Thursday, Kelly, who made a big impression during her premiere season thanks to her fights with the other housewives and her willingness to share her marital problems with husband Michael Dodd, tweeted that she’s “probably not” returning to the show.


When another viewer asked why, Kelly didn’t exactly answer but did say that she may come back but it’s probably unlikely at this point.


Yet another viewer tweeted that Kelly’s not coming back because she’s scared, to which Kelly replied, perhaps sarcastically, “exactly.”


On Friday, Radar Online reported that Kelly Dodd, along with “the OG of the OC” Vicki Gunvalson, will actually be returning to The Real Housewives of Orange County for another season but is simply stirring up talk regarding her future on the show in an attempt to get more money.

“Vicki and Kelly are going to return. They are just trying to get more money since they know that they bring the drama and RHOC needs their drama.”

Vicki may have actually already nominated someone to the show’s producers as Heather Dubrow’s replacement. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Vicki, just prior to filming the Season 11 show, posted a video clip of a friend that she said would be a perfect addition to the cast.

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