Bill Maher Attacks Political Correctness, Blames 'PC Police' For President Trump

Aric Mitchell

Bill Maher is one of the most outspoken liberal pundits on television today. His HBO series Real Time resumed with the inauguration of President Donald Trump, and in week two, he had several harsh critiques of the President's executive orders.

However, he reserved some of his harshest criticisms for his own party at a segment near the end of the show when he claimed that "a madman talked his way into the White House" while liberals were busy policing language.

Lamenting the fall of the Democratic party at both federal and state levels, Bill Maher offered a sobering rejection of politically correct culture with the following takedown.

"The one we can immediately fix is that too often Democrats remind people of a man who has taken his b***s out and placed them in his wife's purse," he mused, adding that anyone offended by that remark needed to tweet him about it so he could tell them to "go f**k yourself."

In a roughly 7-minute diatribe, Bill said that while Trump was pushing all the right buttons, liberals were too concerned with berating celebrities like Hilary Duff and Chris Hemsworth for wearing Native American dress to costume parties.

He bashed liberals on Twitter for pressuring an apology out of Steve Martin for doing nothing more than calling the late Carrie Fisher "beautiful" first in his online remembrance of her.

Maher trashed celebrities like Martin and Michael Keaton for caving to PC demands and issuing emotional apologies to people getting offended over seemingly inane miscues.

The harshest part of the Bill Maher rebuke, however, came at the end.

"What matters is that while you self-involved fools were busy policing the language at the Kids Choice Awards, a madman talked his way into the White House.... While liberals were in a contest to see who could be the first to call out fat-shaming, the Tea Party was taking over school boards. Stop protecting your virgin ears and start noticing you're getting f***ed in the a**."

— Esquire (@esquire) January 28, 2017

HBO swooped in and offered Bill Real Time, which has been a safe haven for him every since.

In the buildup to the 2016 general election, Maher came at both sides. He was clearly against Donald Trump, who once sued him for implying that he was the offspring of an orangutan. However, he also endorsed Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton.

And on the topic of Islam, Bill, an atheist, has been fervently against the religion, distinguishing it as a more extreme threat to civilization than any other set of beliefs and ideologies.

The unpopular stance he has taken even earned his planned speaking engagement at the University of California, Berkeley a protest with liberal students calling him "Islamophobic."

— David Klion (@DavidKlion) January 27, 2017

But what do you think, readers?

Does Bill Maher have a point about politically correct culture? Is it to blame for putting President Trump in the White House? Sound off in the comments section below.

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