Could Britney Spears Be Lady Gaga's Surprise Guest For The 2017 Super Bowl Halftime Show? [Rumors]

Emily Hutchinson

Lady Gaga is gearing up to perform at the 2017 Super Bowl, but is there a chance she could bring out fellow pop star Britney Spears for a surprise appearance?

While Gaga's much-anticipated show has been shrouded in secrecy ahead of her big halftime performance on February 5, fans are urging Lady Gaga to invite Britney to join her on the stage when she provides the entertainment in Houston, Texas.

Fans of both performers have taken to Twitter in recent weeks to speculate of the possibility of Spears joining Gaga at the Super Bowl LI, making it pretty clear that they'd like to see the two pop superstars join forces for what would be a pretty spectacular halftime show.

"If Gaga brings Britney for the Superbowl, I'll restan and get a Joanne tattoo," Twitter user @FeimM tweeted, urging Lady Gaga to bring out Britney for a very special guest appearance at Super Bowl LI next month, while @lxs2123 even asked, "is Britney dropping hints she's joining Gaga at the Super Bowl by wearing Texan-styled hats?"

"Plot twist: Britney performs 'Slumber Party' with Gaga at the #SuperBowl," @MilhoFan recently added amid the speculation.

Neither Gaga nor Britney have spoken out about the chances of the twosome joining forces for Super Bowl 51 next week, though Entertainment Tonight recently confirmed that Lady Gaga will be bringing out a special guest when she performs the prestigious halftime show in Houston on February 5.

An insider claimed that Gaga has actually had two as-yet-unnamed musical acts actually turn her down after she asked them to join her during the Super Bowl halftime show, but claimed that the "Perfect Illusion" singer does now have a guest artist locked in.

"Lady Gaga is having a guest join her during a song," a source familiar with the situation confirmed amid the Spears speculation, but did not reveal the name of the artist Gaga has allegedly locked in as her guest performer.

But while Lady Gaga is currently staying tight-lipped about who her Super Bowl 51 special guest will be, this isn't the first time Britney Spears has been linked to the 2017 halftime show after Spears first performed at the huge sporting event with Aerosmith back in 2001.

A Popjustice contributor, who goes by the username Goldsoundz, claimed back in September that Spears was allegedly "in the middle of a big negotiation for a huge event" that many fans claimed at the time could have been the Super Bowl shortly before Lady Gaga was confirmed as the headliner for the Super Bowl 51 halftime show.

Though Spears and her team never confirmed the speculation suggesting she could have been in the running alongside Gaga, Britney did admit during an interview with the U.K.'s BBC Radio 1 last year that she would be willing to perform at the 2017 Super Bowl, but only if she didn't appear on the stage alone.

"Yes. I would probably do that," Britney teased on the British radio show when asked about the possibility of her taking on the halftime show duties for Super Bowl 51 according to The Sun, but admitted that she would not want to take to the stage alone – which could mean Spears would be willing to team up with Gaga amid the latest round of speculation surrounding Lady Gaga's rumored guest artist.

"I would have to have a little support group, another artist of course," Spears continued prior to the announcement that Gaga had landed the gig. "I don't think you would ever do the Super Bowl alone. That would be kind of scary."

But while rumors Britney could be heading to the Super Bowl with Gaga are still pure speculation, Lady Gaga has had nothing but sweet words for Britney in the past, gushing over Spears in a 2009 interview with MTV by calling herself a "super fan" of the singer.

"I was 13 when Britney became a star," Gaga revealed at the time, the same year Spears recorded a track written by Gaga, "Quicksand," for her album Circus. "I was amazed by the level of the superfan that Britney created. I want to bring back the feeling that I used to feel."

Would you like to see Britney Spears join Lady Gaga as a guest performer during Gaga's halftime performance at Super Bowl 51?

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