‘The Twin’: Lifetime Movie –‘The Good Twin’ Vs. Bad Twin In New Thriller, Starring Brigid Brannagh, Timothy Granaderos

The Twin is the latest feature film to air on the Lifetime Channel. Also known as The Good Twin, the new original movie is written and directed by Max Derin and Fred Olen Ray. The Twin is about a crazed brother who escapes from a mental institution and tries to steal his twin brother’s girlfriend. According to Marvista Entertainment, The Twin stars Brigid Brannagh as Ashley, Timothy Granaderos as Derek/Tyler, Louis Mandylor as Jeke, and Jess Gabor as Jocelyn Rose.


Movie Synopsis For The Twin (The Good Twin) On Lifetime

There is one person who is important to Ashley, and that’s her college-aged daughter, Jocelyn. The mother and daughter duo have always had a wonderful relationship, and just because Jocelyn is out on her own and attending college doesn’t make them any less close. Always concerned for her well-being and safety, Ashley is delighted when Jocelyn finally finds a nice boyfriend named Tyler.

The surprise comes when Jocelyn and Tyler show up to Ashley’s home for her birthday. Tyler seems like the perfect guy. He is charming, handsome, and very intelligent. In addition to those good qualities, Tyler also seems genuinely good-hearted, which impresses Ashley right away.

But as they get further into their relationship, there is a big change in Tyler. He looks the same, but his whole attitude is different. Jocelyn is alarmed when it seems her boyfriend doesn’t remember small details and begins to exhibit bizarre behavior.

Ashley has noticed the change in her daughter’s boyfriend, too, and decides to investigate him further. Once she starts digging, Ashley and Jocelyn make a shocking discovery. Tyler has a brother who is committed to a mental hospital. Tyler never mentioned this, and as a mom, Ashley finds the omission strange and downright creepy.

What is finally known is that Tyler has been keeping up with his brother’s mental condition by constantly checking in with the mental health doctors at the facility where his brother, Derek, is housed.

Their whole world is turned upside down when the psychiatric hospital alerts them that Tyler’s brother has escaped. Even more disturbing, it comes to light that Tyler’s psychopathic brother is his identical twin.

Now Ashley realizes why Tyler seemed like a totally different person. She bolts into action when she realizes that her daughter is with the wrong twin. According to Ashley’s friend, his rifle has been stolen, and it is apparent that Jocelyn is in danger. Derek, the deranged misfit of the family, has held a lifelong grudge against his parents, who always seemed to love Tyler, the good twin, more. To get a double dose of revenge, Derek is determined to destroy his twin brother’s life and get his girl in the process.


Actress Brigid Brannagh (via IMDB)

“Brigid Brannagh was born on August 3, 1972, in San Francisco, California, as Brigid E. Walsh. She is an actress, known for Army Wives (2007), True Colors (1990), and Mystery Girl (2011). She is married to Justin Lyons.”

Actor Timothy Granaderos, Jr. (via IMDB)

“Timothy Granaderos, Jr. is an actor, known for T@gged (2016), Thirteen Reasons Why (2016), and We Are Your Friends (2015). He is originally from Portage, Michigan, but currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Timothy began acting and modeling in various commercials and prints ads, and eventually segued into television and film. Timothy is also a standout soccer player and all around athlete.”

The Twin (The Good Twin) is produced by Rose Noir Films with Ron Eli Cohen, Christopher Ray, and Fred Olen Ray signed on as producers.

Over the decades, there have been numerous escapes from mental hospitals. Many of these patients are violent killers.

  • In 2016, Gary C. Ligon escaped from the San Antonio State Hospital. He was committed after killing his wife, Becky Ligon. Authorities say in that case, Ligon dismembered his wife’s body with a saw, chopped off her head, and burned it in a washtub, according to San Antonio Express News. Gary Ligon was finally apprehended.
  • One of the most well-known movies of our time was the horror thriller Halloween. In the movie, Michael Myers, a psychiatric patient and serial killer, escaped from a mental hospital.

Watch this week’s Lifetime movie, The Twin. It airs tomorrow. Check your local listings for times. Recently, the movie Beaches aired on Lifetime.

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