Eva ‘Kay’ Wenal: On ’48 Hours’–Millionaire Real Estate Mogul’s Wife Found Dead In Georgia Home, Throat Slashed, Murder Still Unsolved

The troubling case of Kay Wenal, also known as Eva Kay Wenal, will play out on a new episode of CBS 48 Hours. Kay Wenal was found dead in her home eight years ago with her throat slashed. The case was never solved. The CBS 48 Hours’ episode titled “Who Killed Kay Wenal?” is a way to bring some awareness to the case in the hopes that someone with information will finally come forward. On 48 Hours, you’ll hear from a round table of guests who will discuss aspects and clues of the case. One point that stood out in Kay Wenal’s murder investigation was the appearance of a cut and paste letter that was sent to a newspaper outlet confessing to the murder.


Beautiful Former Model Found Dead In Sugarloaf Home In Georgia

It was a posh neighborhood. And the home where Kay and Hal Wenal lived was gorgeous. They should have felt safe since they were far removed from the crime-ridden neighborhoods of Georgia. But for Kay Wenal, crime came knocking on her front door–literally.

In May 2008, Kay Wenal answered her door and was immediately attacked. An autopsy report suggested that she had been punched with such great force that it did severe damage to her face. In a desperate attempt to get away, Kay Wenal tried to run to her kitchen, but the killer, whoever it was, caught up to her, threw her to the ground, and sliced her throat open.

By the time 72-year-old Hal Wenal arrived home that evening, he was still worried about Kay since she failed to answer any of his phone calls. And when got to the house and saw Kay’s car there, he sensed something was terribly wrong. However, nothing could have prepared him for what he’d find next.

After entering his home, he saw his wife of 20 years dead in a pool of blood. Harold Wenal notified the police, and then he contacted Kay Wenal’s sister and best friend, Pam. Devastated family members couldn’t think of anyone who would want her dead.


Did Hal’s Aging But Still Beautiful Wife Have A Lover On The Side?

Investigators believed that Kay Wenal, who was married several times, had a secret life. They also believe that her murder is tied to it. Witnesses remembered seeing a man in the neighborhood the day before and on the day of the killing. A sketch was drawn from their recollections, the Daily Mail reported.

But no one recognized the mysterious man. However, years later, an old photo was found in Hal Wenal’s belongings. In the photo, there is a man who resembles the same man in the police sketch. But who is it? No one knows. But he could possibly be someone who Kay Wenal met in either Las Vegas or California. Authorities think the mystery man could also be a family friend, CBS 48 Hours coverage will show.


Then there was the strange letter that was sent to the news station, indicating that Kay was in love with him, and that she had broken her promise. The letter is particularly eerie because when you think about it, the person had to take quite a bit of time to find the letters, cut them out of a magazine, and then paste them to make sentences. It sounds like a person obsessed and a person who was out for revenge.

Was this a revenge killing? Was the letter cut and pasted by a woman? And was Kay Wenal having an affair with a dangerous man? Those are all questions that will be brought up on tonight’s 48 Hours.


According to the Gwinnett Daily Post, Hal Wenal died of a heart attack in 2010.

“In June 2010, Hal, 75, was having dinner with a client at a Gwinnett restaurant when he suffered a massive heart attack and died. Today he shares a plot with his wife in a small cemetery near Lake Lanier, their names etched into a black marble headstone beside two urns that brim with roses. At the edge of the plot is Hal’s former thinking place, a marble bench. The bench is inscribed with a message from Hal to his wife, who died 13 years his junior at age 60: ‘Eva Kay Wenal: My wife, my life, my world.'”

Don’t miss 48 Hours. It airs tonight at 10/9 p.m. Central on CBS. On the last 48 Hours, the murder of Sarah Harbison.

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