Lea Michele Nude: 'Scream Queens' Star Posts Naked Photos On Instagram As Part Of So-Called 'Bed Series'


Lea Michele is going nude for a series of Instagram photos, ones that have brought quite a bit of attention to the Scream Queens star.

The actress posted the series of photos called "Bed Series" on Friday, with the pictures going viral almost immediately. The photo series -- which did show Lea Michele nude but still covered strategically enough to conform to the social media site's strict policy against explicit nudity -- garnered thousands of likes and shares and gained coverage from a number of media outlets.

Many of these reports shared Michele's pictures, giving them an even bigger audience.

"The sexy pic shows Michele naked in bed, partially covered by a white sheet, while her toned booty peeks out from under the covers," Entertainment Tonight reported. "The 30-year-old actress also posted a throwback 'bed series' selfie last week, where she casually rocks a white bodysuit while reading Interview magazine."

This is the second time in just a few weeks that Lea Michele has made headlines for a nude photo posted online. On New Year's Day, the Glee actress posted a photo of herself naked in what appeared to be a backyard forest landscape. As the Huffington Post noted, Michele was strategically turned away and used a leaf emoji to cover her exposed backside.

"Loving you so far 2017," Lea Michele wrote under the nude photo.

There have been a handful of other occasions when Lea Michele showed off skin on social media. Late last year, she took a page out of Jennifer Lopez's playbook and posted a series of racy photos that E! Online said looked inspired by J. Lo's own social media posts.

Lea Michele also appeared nude on the cover of UK Women's Health and discussed how she stays in shape.

"Right now, I feel physically in my best shape and emotionally in my best place," Michele said, via the Huffington Post. "For me, working out has to be good for my mind too, and when I leave, the endorphins are buzzing, I'm glowing and I feel like I can take on the world."

And Lea Michele puts in plenty of hard work to keep herself so fit. The actress has opened up about her strict nutrition and fitness regimen, which includes intensive workouts and a diet of vegan foods along with regular trips to the spa.

"I've never loved my body more than I do right now. And I'm so grateful that I feel that way," she told People magazine. Michele added that she doesn't set concrete goals for how much she needs to weigh or how thin she must look, instead opting for a focus on all-around health.

"So I find workouts that take care of both of those things. It is so important for me to stress that being healthy is not about being a gym rat. It's not about being 90 lbs. This is really how I live every single day."
But now Lea Michele is getting attention for more than just nude photos. The actress has been busy recording her new album, Places, and told Billboard that she plans on spending "all of my time and care" on her music this year.

"F**k it if people don't like it," Michele said.

While it remains to be seen if the album will be popular, Lea Michele's nude photos are already a big hit online.

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]