Queen Elizabeth Influences In Theresa May Visit: Invites Trump To U.K., Talks Military, NATO

On January 26 and 27, U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May made two formal speeches in America, and while she did state Queen Elizabeth’s name at least once, Theresa May represented several issues that are directly controlled by Queen Elizabeth such as the military.

The only time that Theresa May did mention Queen Elizabeth by name was on Friday, January 27, when the prime minister made it official that Queen Elizabeth was extending an invitation to Donald Trump to visit her. While Donald Trump graciously accepted, one thing was not discussed concerning his desire to visit Queen Elizabeth’s private golfing course Balmoral Castle.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Donald Trump announced he had a desire to visit Queen Elizabeth, and it was also alleged he wanted her to watch him play golf. In fact, Donald Trump was actually trying to get an invitation to Balmoral’s golf course, and the timing for Queen Elizabeth might not be on target.

For example, the best time to golf in the U.K. is during April or October, according to the Golf Monthly fan forums. Nevertheless, Queen Elizabeth is at Balmoral Castle in Scotland in the summer, as per her tradition, and not necessarily in April or October.

In other words, if Donald Trump wants to play golf on his official visit at Balmoral Castle’s green during prime times of the year, he might have to do it without Queen Elizabeth present.

What is also surprising about the invitation to Donald Trump is that Queen Elizabeth had Prime Minister Theresa May deliver her message to the president of the United States.

Primarily, it was unclear if Theresa May was going to try to be neutral with Donald Trump considering he was not her favorite person after the women’s marches around January 21 that were held worldwide. The protests to denounce Trump included the home country of Queen Elizabeth and Theresa May.

For example, Reuters reported on January 22 that Theresa May found some of Donald Trump’s statements about women to be “unacceptable.” Furthermore, Theresa May was firm in stating that she was not going to let Donald Trump diminish the role of women and said her biggest statement would be the fact that she was standing in front of him as a female prime minister.

Theresa May was also representing in her meetings with Donald Trump and Republicans one of the most powerful women in the world: Queen Elizabeth II. After all, Theresa May was democratically elected, but Queen Elizabeth has to make the final approval of the U.K. prime minister.

Kicking off her representation of Queen Elizabeth to Donald Trump and American lawmakers, Theresa May gave a speech at a Republican leader event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, called the GOP Retreat, and it brought a lot of protesters.

While Theresa May was one of the primary speakers at the event, the protesters outside were not against the U.K. or the Queen of England. Instead, these protesters were angry at the Republicans attending, and many of their protest signs were related to women’s rights, welcoming immigrants and undocumented workers, or the Republicans repealing Obamacare without having an immediate Trumpcare to replace it.

Queen Elizabeth promoted by Theresa May to GOP Retreat, Trump.

Nevertheless, there may have been some U.K. protesters in Philadelphia marching against Theresa May about healthcare. This is especially true since Theresa May recently did not refute allegations about the U.K.’s nationalized healthcare system, called the NHS, being open to American “firms taking over the N.H.S.” now that Brexit was coming up on the horizon.

At the Republican GOP, Theresa May did not make any mention about Queen Elizabeth directly as if she was taking orders from the queen, but she did talk about realms of authority that the queen is associated with such as the Church of England, the Queen’s military, Brexit, and being a welcoming head of state to Donald Trump.

This might come as a surprise since around December 23, 2016, Independent reported that Queen Elizabeth was frustrated toward Theresa May about her refusal to discuss Brexit plans.

Interestingly, Theresa May made it up to Queen Elizabeth by spending her visit to America on January 26 and 27 talking specifically about Brexit. In particular, Theresa May spoke directly in both of her speeches in America about developing a good relationship with Donald Trump and the new presidency in the United States because of Brexit.

When Theresa May represented Queen Elizabeth and the U.K. at the Philadelphia GOP Retreat on January 26, Theresa May quoted Winston Churchill’s speech “The Ties that Bind” and placed a focus on all of the positive implications about America that Churchill detailed.

Theresa May also inadvertently pointed out to the GOP Retreat that she had a special relationship with Queen Elizabeth because she was raised in a vicarage in southern England. A vicarage denotes her father was a member of clergy in the Church of England, and Queen Elizabeth is the religious leader of that church.

Another aspect of representing Queen Elizabeth that Theresa May did was promoting the idea of increasing military alliances between the U.K. and the United States. For example, Theresa May stated using the military of both countries to fight the ideology of terrorism, but not going after Muslims.

It is not surprising to hear Theresa May emphasizing the military on behalf of Queen Elizabeth with Donald Trump and the GOP Retreat. The military is a chief concern of Her Majesty and Royal Central reports that the U.K. cannot go to war without the permission of Queen Elizabeth.

Other ways Queen Elizabeth is in charge of the military is as commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces, commissioning of officers (hiring and firing top military officials), and disposition of forces (Queen Elizabeth ultimately decides how Armed Forces are used).

In other words, while she may not be in charge of the day-to-day operations of the military, Queen Elizabeth has the final say in a number of ways that can shift power with the U.K. military. It is also not surprising to hear Theresa May emphasizing this aspect of Queen Elizabeth’s royal duties because Her Majesty takes the military seriously in ways that other royals have not.

In fact, during World War II, Queen Elizabeth begged her father to let her join the military, and he accepted after a few months of her pleading.

According to History, when Queen Elizabeth was 18, in 1944, she became an official part of the Women’s Auxiliary Territorial Service, was trained to be a mechanic and military truck driver, wore coveralls, and was called “Second Subaltern Elizabeth Windsor.”

So far, Queen Elizabeth is the only female member of royalty in the U.K. to have entered the armed forces as a blue collar military member.

Several years later, Queen Elizabeth would become the official head of the military of the U.K. when she ascended to the throne after her father, King George VI, died in February 1952.

Although Theresa May primarily spoke about the military in the U.S. by talking about strengthening NATO in an alliance with the U.K., Theresa May also talked about an alliance with the U.K. and American military forces for humanitarian reasons.

An important issue to Queen Elizabeth’s family, Theresa May spoke about the U.K.’s humanitarian goal of ending slavery with the military’s help and hopes America will join them. Anti-slavery and human trafficking has been an activist cause that Queen Elizabeth’s elder granddaughter, Princess Eugenie of York, has been deeply passionate about in 2016, so much so that she even released an interview to the public about the issue in October.

Theresa May invited Donald Trump to visit Queen Elizabeth

Another issue that Queen Elizabeth wanted to hear more about was Brexit, and Theresa May spoke extensively about getting a head start on making a good relationship for trade with America as the U.K. leaves the European Union (EU). In an example, Theresa May reminded the GOP Retreat audience that Pennsylvania exports $2 billion to the U.K. each year.

In her official White House joint press conference with President Trump on January 27, Theresa May continued to represent Queen Elizabeth in several ways.

For example, when Theresa May was introduced, she thanked Donald Trump, stated how important their ongoing positive alliance was to the U.K., and immediately gave Trump Queen Elizabeth’s official invitation for him to visit her “later this year.” Theresa May also said she was “delighted” that Donald Trump had already accepted Queen Elizabeth’s visit invitation.

Also, Queen Elizabeth’s military was represented in a new way because Theresa May said the U.S. and U.K. need to have their military work together to eradicate “cyber space” terrorism from Daesh and others.

Theresa May also reaffirmed an unshakable alliance of being 100 percent behind NATO from both America and U.K.

This came as a surprise to many Americans because Donald Trump has inferred in the past that NATO was possibly “on the chopping block,” according to a CNN news analysis panel after the joint press conference.

So far, Queen Elizabeth and those that represent Her Majesty have made no official comments concerning their approval of the remarks Theresa May made on January 26 or 27 that have a notable reference of representing Queen Elizabeth’s realm of interests.

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