Kentucky Walmart Employees Caught Mishandling iPads [Video]

Pikeville, KY – A group of Walmart employees were caught on video mishandling electronic products in the store’s stock room, according to Gizmodo.

In a video recently posted to YouTube, a handful of Walmart employees at the company’s Pikeville, Kentucky location showed why you may want to avoid the retailer if you’re in the market for something electronic. If you insist on buying the product from the company, then you may want to spring for the extended warranty.

“This is why you don’t buy iPads from Walmart,” one person says as the video gets underway.

Once this declaration has been made, the employees begin to toss boxes around the room with reckless abandon. At times they purposely toss the boxes directly on the floor. Even if the video is a joke, chances are this isn’t the sort of attention Walmart wants right before the holiday season kicks off later this month.

Given that the employees are clearly seen in the video — one guy even talks directly into the camera at the start of the clip — there’s a very strong possibility these guys won’t be employed by the company for too much longer.


One Reddit user claims the guys in this video have already been dealt with by Walmart officials. “This was sent to me by an employee of this store. They’re fired and prosecuted as well,” the individual wrote.

With Black Friday just around the corner, the last thing the company wants is for people to find a reason to avoid the retailer this holiday season. After all, iPads and all sorts of electronic devices are sure to be popular gifts among family and friends.

The video of the incident has been embedded below. Do you think the Walmart employees should be fired and prosecuted for their behavior? Does this sort of news make you wary about buying electronics from places like Walmart?