Kim Richards And Kathy Hilton Slam Eden Sassoon, Kathy Threatens Legal Action

Eden Sassoon is in hot waters for questioning and talking about Kim Richards’ sobriety on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills not only with Kyle Richards but also with their sister Kathy Hilton. In fact, Kathy is so angry with Eden for spewing supposed lies that she has threatened legal action against her.

On Thursday, in response to a blogger’s tweet that Eden, a new cast member on the current Real Housewives season, is focused on Kim’s sobriety’s so much really because she’s desperate for relevancy on the show, Kathy agreed. Kathy went so far as calling Eden hungry and thirsty. Kathy added that Kim has never even been to Eden’s house.

What is Kathy referring to? In an earlier episode, Eden told Lisa Rinna and Erika Girardi about her link to Kim. According to Eden, her sister, Catya, an actress who died from an overdose in 2002 at the age of 34, used to hang out with Kim during the 80s. Eden made it seem as if Catya and Kim partied and abused substances together. Eden even claimed that Kim would come over to hang out with Catya and the actor Robert Downey Jr, whose substance abuse issues and struggle is well-known to all.

“This was way way back in the day, when my dad bought Frank Stallone’s house in Bel-Air. Kim would come over with Robert Downey — and Robert would play the piano like crazy. I was like ‘Who are all these, like, insane [people]’ “

Kathy is so adamant that Eden’s a liar that she’s willing to go straight to Robert Downey Jr. himself to set the record straight.

Kathy is even so furious that she’s threatening legal action. Kathy warned that Eden better come up with her own story line or else she might call Marty Singer. Kathy further warned that she and her family don’t play around.

Marty Singer is a lawyer with his own firm, Lavely & Singer. In 2011, the New York Times described the lawyer as the “guard dog to the stars” who has protected the privacy and interests of top celebrities such as Sylvester Stallone, Charliee Sheen, Jeremy Piven, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Quentin Tarantino. The article noted that Singer specializes in killing unflattering stories involving celebrities and the lawyer is quoted as saying that unlike other firms, they actually sue for defamation.

“‘We’re one of the few firms that sue; we don’t just send a letter.'”

Kathy added that Eden was just a child when she supposedly witnessed Kim’s partying.

During her introductory episode on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Eden Sassoon spoke at length about her sister and Kim Richards. Catya starred in the 1985 film Tuff Turf, alongside James Spader, Downey, Jr. and Kim. In a confessional interview, Eden linked Catya’s substance abuse problems to Kim’s.

“Sure enough they all sort of had their stuff. I think on this set was the beginning of everybody’s drug and alcohol abuse, if you really look at it. It was kind of pre-f**ed up days.”

In a later scene, after Lisa Rinna voiced her concerns about Kim to Eden, including her opinion that Kim still isn’t completely sober, that she’s close to death and that her sister Kyle Richards enables her, Eden, accompanied by Lisa, asked Kyle a series of questions regarding Kim’s sobriety. Eden asked Kyle whether Kim’s working with someone and a program. Despite Kyle, who barely knew Eden, being visibly uncomfortable with the questions, Eden continued asking them. Eden gave her opinion that Kim didn’t seem right at Kyle’s game night. Kyle maintained that while Kim was under some stress, she’s completely sober.

Upon Kyle mentioning how great her, Kim and Kathy Hilton’s mother was, Eden, who has been sober for years now and whose mother also struggled with sobriety, then asked whether Kim’s substance abuse issues stem from their now-deceased mother. Kyle seemed shocked that Eden would ask about their mother that way and questioned whether someone’s substance abuse problems always has to passed down from a member family. Eden replied that it usually does.

On the latest episode, Eden tried to talk to Kim about her sobriety during Dorit Kemsley’s birthday party for her husband. Kim, making it clear that she didn’t want to talk about her sobriety, brushed Eden off.

Eden has received quite the viewer backlash and criticism over her focus on Kim’s sobriety. On Wednesday, Eden pleaded with viewers to stop tweeting her about Kim.

Eden also denied that she’s out to get Kim.

Kim had something to say with Eden’s plead. Kim sarcastically tweeted that Eden now admires and respects her.

In response to a viewer who tweeted that it’s disgraceful how Eden has talked about Kim’s family while demanding respect for her own, Kim agreed. Kim added that she has worked very hard to get to where she is and that she’s now enjoying life as a grandmother.

Kyle herself got into a bit of a Twitter argument with Eden. In response to a tweet from Eden stating that Kyle has been so open about her mom on the show but then shut her down when she asked about her, Kyle pointed out that she had just met her and was asked a very personal question in front of the cameras.

Kyle added that Eden’s comments about Kim in particular were insensitive.

Eden defended herself.

Kim also had something to say about Lisa Rinna. Kim re-tweeted a viewer’s tweet that it’s disgusting how Lisa is using Kim’s sobriety as a story line for herself.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kathy Hilton last week, in response to a viewer’s tweet that criticized Eden Sassoon’s focus on Kim Richards, tweeted that some of the women on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are so desperate that they would steal the gold of their grandmother’s teeth.

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