Melissa Gorga ENVY: ‘RHONJ’ Star Opening Store Again After Brief Closure

Melissa Gorga wanted to fulfill a dream when she decided to open a fashion store in New Jersey. Right from the beginning, Melissa struggled to get support, as her husband didn’t want her to spend too much time out of the home. Joe Gorga wants his wife to take care of their three children, cook meals and be home throughout the day. However, Melissa wanted to open this store and sell fashion items to the world. So to make it work, Gorga decided to partner up with another woman to make the business a reality.

According to a new Bravo report, Melissa Gorga revealed that her store would return this Saturday after a few weeks of being closed. Late last year, Gorga confirmed that her business partner had left the partnership and had emptied out the store’s inventory. Clearly, the two of them didn’t have a great working relationship, and it was shocking to some people that her business partner would remove all the clothing from the store and leave Melissa with nothing.

But this defeat wasn’t enough to knock Melissa Gorga completely out. After going home to regroup and relax over the holidays, Gorga decided that she wanted to work hard to get her store back in her name and launch a brand new store without a business partner. And it sounds like she’s ready to launch as she announced on Instagram that she’s opening the doors to her store this Saturday. On social media, Melissa Gorga revealed that she was “so excited” to welcome her customers back.

“So happy that Envy is all mine!” she wrote on Instagram, revealing that the store would be open for three hours this Saturday, adding, “Thank you so much for believing in me & I can’t wait to see you Saturday.”

Maybe Gorga just wants to see if people are interested in coming back to her store since she’s only open three hours over the weekend. It could be a quick opening to make sure that people know that she is coming back with full-time hours at one point, but she could be testing some new angles and new strategies to ensure that there is an audience ready to buy her products.

As fans saw on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Melissa Gorga and her business partner really struggled to see eye-to-eye on things. While Gorga claimed that Jackie didn’t understand social media, she thought that Melissa just didn’t pick out clothing items that people wanted to buy. Maybe this was a bad fit to begin with. When the news broke that the store was closing for a bit, Gorga issued a statement to defend her business. Melissa Gorga revealed that she and Jackie Beard Robinson “have had a difference of opinion of how the store should be run at this point.”

“Jackie is no longer involved in managing the boutique, but Melissa intends to maintain the success of the boutique by managing it on her own, and she is excited to open with a new inventory of spring fashions,” the statement said, according to Bravo.

Robinson hasn’t released a statement after being accused of taking the inventory from Envy, but she may be thinking about opening up her own store now that her store with Melissa has closed. But Gorga doesn’t seem to be too intimated by what her former business partner could do with her inventory.

What do you think of Melissa Gorga’s decision to relaunch her Envy store this Saturday, even though she’s only opening the store for three hours? Do you think she will be able to make it work without a business partner?

[Featured Image by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]