Chelsea Houska Child Support: ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Back In Court With Adam Lind

Chelsea Houska made headlines this week, as her son, Watson Cole, was born a tad bit early. Chelsea’s due date wasn’t until February 14, but her son decided to come early – and just hours after Jenelle Evans’ daughter Ensley made her way out to the world. But it sounds like Chelsea’s happy celebrations these days may soon come to an end, as her custody issue with Adam Lind continues to rage on. On this week’s episode of Teen Mom 2, Chelsea asked her father if Adam had kept up with his child support payments and he revealed that Adam was behind. But when MTV asked him, Lind claimed he was completely up to date.

According to a new Radar Online report, Chelsea Houska may be enjoying the birth of her son these days, but she’s scheduled to go back to court in about a month to address the child support payments over little Aubree. The website reveals that Chelsea and Adam are scheduled to appear in late February for a notice and continued hearing, and certificate of service hearing.

Currently, Adam is ordered to pay $945 per month for Aubree and he is also ordered to pay support to little Paislee, a daughter he had a few years later. When he was filming Teen Mom 2 over the summer, the MTV producers asked him if he was paying his child support and he revealed that he was completely up to date and pointed out that he would be in jail if he didn’t pay support to both Chelsea Houska and his second ex-girlfriend.

But in September, Adam had two warrants out for his arrest for this exact reason. At the time, he owed $3,805 in child support for Aubree, and $5,489 for Paislee. According to the Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office in South Dakota, Lind currently has no warrants out for his arrest regarding child support, which could mean that he has paid off what he owes or has served some time for not paying.

While filming Teen Mom 2, Chelsea Houska expressed a concern about leaving Aubree with Adam. It’s no secret that he has a lengthy arrest record and she is concerned about her safety. For a while, Aubree would just spend time with Adam’s parents and not see her father, which defeated the purpose of the visits. Chelsea would prefer to keep Aubree in her care if Adam didn’t utilize the time. Now, he wants the time and he would like to skip out on the payments. A while back, Houska opened up about her custody agreement and she revealed that it was comfortable for a while.

“His visits are still supervised by his parents so that gives me peace of mind. But it’s scary. I don’t know if he makes the best choices. It definitely is scary as a mom,” Chelsea Houska told Radar Online about dropping Aubree off for the visits, sharing that she never really knows what he does.

It will be interesting to see if something comes of the court date in late February, since she is owed money if he hasn’t paid up yet. But this court date may also be Adam’s attempt to get more time with his daughter, Aubree.

What do you think of Chelsea Houska’s court date just a month after her son is born? Are you surprised that she’s still fighting Adam over child support, since he has had plenty of chances to get caught up, especially with the huge paychecks that MTV dishes out to the participating stars of the show?

[Featured Image by MTV / ‘Teen Mom 2’ Promo]