Jenelle Evans’ Mother Slams David Eason’s Controlling Ways Days After Birth Of Daughter

Jenelle Evans gave birth to her daughter Ensley this week, as her daughter decided to arrive a few days earlier than expected. Monday night, Evans had tweeted up a storm about how the producers found out she was pregnant, as she had kept it a secret from production. However, Evans was indeed pregnant even though it took her a while to confirm the news. And this week, her daughter decided to join the world. But as Evans is celebrating the birth of her third child, her mother is making headlines for slamming David Eason.

According to a new Radar Online report, Jenelle Evans‘ mother did an interview with a Teen Mom 2 producer and in this interview, she revealed that David Eason is very controlling over her own daughter. While this interview was filmed before Jenelle publicized the pregnancy news, it sounds like their relationship hasn’t necessarily improved, as Barbara may not be too excited about the baby news. Plus, this interview was just released as Jenelle gave birth – and surely, Jenelle and David don’t want to talk about this in the birthing or recovery room.

“I think she’s pregnant,” Barbara tells Teen Mom 2 producer in a clip for the upcoming episode, adding that she hasn’t found out the news yet because she doesn’t talk to Jenelle Evans, according to Radar Online, explaining, “She doesn’t talk to me at all. I think it has a lot to do with David. He has a lot of control over her. They just want to keep to themselves and he just wants to keep Jenelle to himself.”

Of course, Jenelle Evans’ mother has a chip on her shoulder, as she is constantly hassled with a request to give up custody of Jace. When he was just months old, Jenelle signed over the custody of Jace to her own mother, as she didn’t have a job, didn’t have insurance and had no way of taking care of her son. Jenelle really wants her son back, so Jace can spend more time with his brother, Kaiser, and now his sister, Ensley.

While Barbara didn’t give any evidence of his controlling ways, she can’t stop calling him out for his behavior. Jenelle Evans has only said positive things about David, explaining that he makes her very happy. In the past, Jenelle has called out her ex-boyfriends for their bad behavior on social media, but these two have been together for over a year and they haven’t had a public fight.

This is the longest Jenelle Evans has been in a relationship without a public fight. And yet, Barbara is convinced that David is controlling and is limiting her daughter. Signs of his controlling ways appeared on Teen Mom 2 recently, as he expressed his frustrations over Nathan Griffith and his custody demands over Kaiser. But rather than controlling, you could justify his behavior as frustration, as they have tried to make Nathan work with them in regards to Kaiser. But when Barbara first met David, she didn’t make the best impression either.

“What do you got her in prison David? She can’t come out of the room? You are the worst boyfriend she’s ever had!” Barbara once yelled at David while filming Teen Mom 2, which was shocking to viewers who didn’t know Eason at the time.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans’ mother spilling the beans on David Eason’s behavior? And what do you think of the timing of the release of his interview? Do you think this came up for discussion at the hospital, as the birth of Ensley happened at the time the interview was released?

[Featured Image by Robin Marchant/Getty Images]