Erika Girardi On Kim Richards’ Sobriety: Slams ‘Unfair Judgment’ From New Housewife

Erika Girardi has been very focused on her music career on this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Erika had found tremendous success with her music since she started filming the show last year and she’s had bestselling records over the past year. And Erika also traveled to Greece to perform at the XLSIOR Festival during last week’s episode. She decided to bring Kyle Richards with her to explore the Greek culture and nightlife, and it sounds like this trip was something that Kyle needed.

According to a new Bravo report, Erika Girardi is now speaking out on the drama that happened while she was busy filming a new music video and traveling to Greece to perform. Girardi has never really been close with Kim Richards, so she could never speak out on Kim’s health and sobriety, so she finds that it is odd that Eden Sassoon is so outspoken. Of course, Eden has her own experiences with sobriety and overdoses, so when Lisa Rinna revealed that she felt Kim was dying, Sassoon felt she had to help out.

“Eden has a lot to say about the way Kim Richards is dealing with her sobriety. To call Kyle an ‘enabler’ seems like an unfair judgment considering Eden is just getting to know these sisters and does not know their entire history. We see Kim doing well, and I think we should take her at her word. We see Kyle doing her best to support her sister, and I think we should respect that,” Erika Girardi points out in her blog for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, hinting that she thinks that Eden should perhaps keep her thoughts to herself.

Of course, many people were outspoken about how Eden approached Kim’s sobriety on the show. Since it is a national show that is often shown in other countries, viewers felt that she was being rude and insensitive considering Kim has truly struggled with her issues. And maybe Erika Girardi understands why Kyle has been so protective of her sister and it is possible that she wanted to protect and support Kyle by inviting her to Greece.

“We’re in Mykonos for my performance at the XLSIOR Festival, and I’m trilled to have Kyle here with me. I’m happy that she and I were able to have dinner by the beach before the show madness began. I enjoy Kyle’s company, and I find her very easy to relate to. She’s both a mother and a business woman, and it’s nice to feel that mutual support,” Erika Girardi explains in her blog about her travels in Greece, sharing that it was nice to bond with Kyle Richards without the other ladies.

“Kyle stripping down to her swimsuit and joining me for a sunrise photo shoot was amazing. That’s why I love this girl – she’s down for anything. That night was the perfect way to end this incredible trip. We have to do this again,” Erika Girardi pointed out in her blog, according to Bravo.

It sounds like the girls had a great time in Greece, as it may have taken Richards’ mind off her sister and the drama that had happened just weeks prior. It sounds like the new housewives are already rattling feathers, as Dorit Kemsley offended Erika Girardi with panty-gate and Sassoon has been after Richards in regards to her sister Kim.

What do you think of Erika Girardi’s comments about Eden Sassoon’s comments about Kim Richards? Do you think Eden has crossed the line in how she has handled the sobriety issue on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

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