Princess Meghan Markle: ‘Suits’ Co-star Alludes To Her Future Royal Status

Meghan Markle has been making headlines steadily due to her reportedly rather serious relationship with Prince Harry. The royal and the Suits star have been an item since August and went public with their relationship in late fall after many royal watchers and fans of Markle began to grow suspicious when the two were seen in one another’s company at both Kensington Palace and in Toronto, where Suits is filmed.

Now there even seems to be rumors of a soon-to-be engagement and a number of details recently revealed in regard to Markle and her role on the hit legal drama are telling that the engagement is actually a very believable rumor. Just recently, the producer of the hit series admitted that Markle’s character Rachel will have to make a tough decision in Season 6.

Express shares the words of the show’s executive producer Aaron Korsh about Markle and the direction of her character on the show, stating “Her father is going to say come work for me.’ She’s got to decide: Is she going to stay at Pearson Specter [the Suits firm], or is she going to go work for her dad?” This obviously makes it a possibility that Markle has one foot out the door and is in the process of clearing her schedule for the royal.

Additionally, Markle, as Vanity Fair notes, has been absent from promotions of Suits for Season 6 which is in the process of being promoted after a trailer for the upcoming episodes was released. Although Markle has always joined the promotion tour in the past, she was not present this time around, also raising suspicions that she will not be a consistent character in the season and may even be making her exit in due time.

While speaking at a Reddit chat session for the promotional tour, Markle’s co-star, who also plays her soon-to-be husband, Patrick J. Adams, was asked what it is like making out onscreen with “the the potentially future princess of England.” Adams responded bluntly to the question and re-used the phrasing that alluded to Markle being a very possible future princess, saying, “The same as it was before she was potentially a future princess of England.”

The questions about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry thrown the way of Suits cast members did not stop there, and a number of other inquirers also asked things about how Markle refers to the Prince while she is on set, ie. does she call him “Harry” or “The Prince” or “My guy.” Needless to say, the press tour for the exciting new season has become very much connected to Markle and her new royal man, but as stated, she very well may be making her exit to free up her time to instead take on more responsibilities at the side of the Prince.

Earlier this month, it had even been reported that Meghan Markle had met the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, who Prince Harry has a very strong bond with. The Duchess and Prince Harry are very close so it is a sign that he and Markle are very serious if he has taken to begin introducing her to the royal family.

Meghan Markle has been noted as the perfect woman for Prince Harry due to a number of reasons, such as the fact that she too is all about humanitarian efforts and charitable organizations, much like Harry, his brother Prince William and the Duchess. Additionally, Meghan is very much used to the spotlight and is not scared away by the level of fame that comes with being connected to the royal family seeing as she is already in the spotlight as a known entertainer. Prince Harry’s former girlfriends have struggled while being under the constant scrutiny of the press, but Markle can certainly hold her own and is graceful under pressure, much like Kate Middleton.

[Featured Image by Darren McCollester/Getty Images for REEBOK]