Trump News: Washington Not In A Hurry To Move U.S. Embassy To Jerusalem

This Donald Trump news may disappoint those who believed in all his promises during the presidential campaign. The newly appointed U.S. president has said that it is “too early” to talk about shifting the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. It is worth noting that he seemed determined during his campaign to make the move as soon as entering the White House.

The Trump administration has been circumspect about the move since the decision has been criticized around the globe. Even though the GOP leader talked about moving the U.S. embassy Israel immediately to Jerusalem, his approach has been more cautious of late. The new U.S. administration now wants to go for an extensive review of the matter. It also wants to discuss the matter with the “stakeholders” involved in the conflict.

The Trump news comes as White House press secretary Sean Spicer said on Monday that the Trump administration was yet to take any decision regarding the move. He said the administration would discuss with the stakeholders first before taking a decision. He also told reporters that Trump’s team was “at the very early stages of that decision-making process.”

This contradicts directly with David Friedman’s earlier comments. The next U.S. ambassador to Israel said earlier that he was looking forward to carrying out his responsibilities from the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem. Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway earlier said that the newly appointed U.S. president would fulfill his promise soon.

He’s a man who is going to accomplish many things very quickly.

According to this Trump news, the new administration is not ready to talk about the controversial decision which is believed to alienate Washington from most of the nations around the world. Trump’s promise to move the American embassy to Jerusalem is meant to offend Palestine which claims east Jerusalem as a part of its territory. If Trump decides to go ahead with his decision, he may distance himself from some of the major U.S. allies in the Middle East and Western Europe.

This may be reassuring for Barack Obama who has been skeptic about Donald Trump’s promise to move the American embassy to Jerusalem. He has always criticized Israel for its settlements in the West Bank. The-then U.S. president said earlier that moving the U.S. embassy could bring in “explosive” consequences. “When sudden unilateral moves are made that speak to some of the core issues and sensitivities of either side, that can be explosive,” Obama said at his last news conference.

Trump News

This Trump news update, as reported by the Jerusalem Post, says that Trump believes it is too early to take the decision. His campaign speeches, however, claimed something totally different. He told the American Israel Public Affairs Committee that his administration would move the U.S. embassy in Israel to its “eternal capital,” Jerusalem. He repeated the same promise in many of his campaign speeches. According to reports, Israel even started looking for possible sites in Jerusalem where Trump could move the embassy too.

Donald Trump talked about the importance of the relation between Israel and the United States. He said the damage that the Obama administration had caused was repaired. “It was repaired the minute I spoke to Netanyahu,” he said. However, he did not want to talk about the $221 million that Obama had approved for the Palestinian Authority just before leaving the office.

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While the Trump news about holding the decision to move the U.S. embassy may confuse some, the U.S. president does not seem to miss any chance of getting inspired by Israel. He referred to the “Israeli wall” while talking about the controversial wall along the Mexican border. He said Israel successfully managed “99.9 percent stoppage” with its wall.

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