Lisa Appleton Strips And Hides Her Nipples, Exposing Her Decadent Derrière During Sunbed Session

Lisa Appleton is up to her old routine of shocking antics once again, this time exposing her plump bum in skimpy black G-string and hiding her exposed nipples with her hands while she gets a salon tan. Showcasing her body is something that seems to come naturally for the former reality TV star, certainly not lacking in body confidence. The 48-year-old nearly bared for us her all when she decided to pose in nearly nothing during her tanning bed session at The Tanning Shop in Barnet, London.

Wearing absolutely nothing other than a skimpy black thong, Lisa covered her modesty with her hands while throwing a playful glance the way of the camera. The busty celeb had her nails painted a shocking red for some extra effect, while her lips showcased a pretty pink lipstick.

The Big Brother famed star is pictured in one pic laying on her back with her knees ticked up to her tummy, covering her ample bosom with her hands and forearms. In another pic, the brunette beauty turned over to her tummy for a shot of her naked back which displayed her black thong and decadent derrière.

The Slow Decline

This is just the latest in a string of attention grabbing stints that the former Big Brother star has been privy to as of late. The TV star first made a name for herself in 2008 when she entered the Big Brother house with her then boyfriend, the infamous Mario Marconi. The famous couple called it quits back in 2013 after an eight-and-a-half-year romance, Lisa admitting that she had been unhappy for a while.

Lisa Appleton strips hiding her nipples
[Image by Tom Dulat/Getty Images]

Before their split, the couple had agreed to be followed by a camera crew for six months to film a fake reality show, after they were duped by conman Selva Carmichael. Lisa told The Daily Mail that she had been having suicidal thoughts after the con, and admitted that she had lost it all after her Big Brother rise to fame.

“I felt I had lost everything – my career, my marriage, everything, that I felt rock bottom. I felt so low I just wasn’t enjoying life anymore. I felt really emotional. I had a complete breakdown.”

Her breakdown could be the reason why Lisa has acted out on so many occasions, propelling her to grab so many of this year’s tabloid headlines. Lisa has made a name for herself over the course of this year with her naked beach antics and ample public underwear displays while vacationing in Spain.

“Nothing prepared me for the overnight success and fame that I had. It was huge. I was knocking back magazine deals, newspaper deals, photo shoots, exclusives.”

Lisa Appleton strips hiding her nipples [Image by Tim Whitby/Getty Images]

From Fame To Claim

The former Big Brother star is again going to be appearing on reality TV screens, this time exposing her life after her fame achieved through Big Brother, in the post-reality TV life show, Celebs On Benefits. The Channel 5 documentary shows how Lisa has had to adjust to life after her sudden rise and fall from the spotlight.

In the show, the former reality star brags about her life during her fame, from expensive holidays aboard yachts in Sardinia, to being offered thousands of pounds worth of magazine deals. During the show Lisa had a lot to say about her financial troubles, going as far as blaming foreigners for making her life as hard as it currently is.

“The way I see it…I just think having migrant workers over here affects everything. We have less money, less opportunities and less jobs because of them. It just adds so much more stress. And then I get bank charges because of it.”

During the show the antagonistic brunette further explains why she finds it so hard to get a 9-5 job, explaining that her fame leave interviewers star-struck, and not ending up getting the job. Lisa currently runs a small business handing out leaflets for local shops and earns around 10 pounds a day, while living mainly off benefits.

[Featured Image by Tim Whitby/Getty Images]