Action RPG ‘Portal Knights’ Coming To PlayStation 4, Xbox One This Spring With Co-Op Split Screen

In Portal Knights, players choose their class, customize their character, and head into the boxy world torn asunder by the Fracture. A number of islands separated by portals are the setting of the player’s adventure. Slaying monsters in action combat levels up characters with traditional RPG mechanics and gathering materials for the game’s robust crafting systems give them a chance to make the world their own.

Each island is its own biome with different inhabitants, materials, and more in Portal Knights. Players must explore an island and search for its portal before moving on to the next, but they can always come back to battle, pick up resources native to the island, or visit any builds they have created there. Players can even set up farms to grow what they need or aid NPCs along the way.

Voxel action RPG Portal Knights coming to PS4, Xbox One

In addition to exploring islands, battling enemies, gathering resources, and building their own structures, players can also collect non-combat pets to join them on their adventures. Portal Knights also features an appearance system letting players wear one set of gear for statistics while equipping the appearance of other gear over it.

Portal Knights is currently in early access on PC, but developers announced today that the title will leave early access in April. The co-op adventure is also confirmed to release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at the same time. Early access ends on April 28 when Portal Knights releases on console in Europe. North American console players can start their journey on May 2.

In the official announcement on the Portal Knights blog, it is confirmed that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One releases of the game will contain the same content that is available on PC. All platforms will receive the same updates and features after release, too. Split screen support is coming to all platforms, and co-op players will soon be able to explore different islands separate from each other if they wish. Currently, players have to stay together and explore the same island during a multiplayer session. If one person travels to a different island the whole team moves with them.

Portal Knights on consoles not shared with PC

A few more details are revealed on the PlayStation Blog where members of the Portal Knights team answered a few questions. Split screen co-op is definitely coming but the number of players that can play at the same time is yet to be determined. The sandbox title supports up to four-player co-op, but four-player split screen is not confirmed right now. Additionally, it was pointed out that PC progress will not be transferable or shared with the console version of the game.

“Portal Knights can be enjoyed in single player mode, or with family and friends in co-op or online multiplayer mode. Maybe you want to start your journey alone, but what if you need some help gathering resources for your latest build? Not a problem: Invite a friend into your world and adventure together! Treat Portal Knights like a blank canvas and paint it however you want.”

Existing PC players need not worry, though. Portal Knights will continue to evolve on PC alongside the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game. Early adopters receive a flag and cape in the game for purchasing early, but more goodies are coming. When the game leaves early access in a few months, those that purchased it beforehand will be awarded with more bonus items. Those items are not detailed at this time.

Players interested in Portal Knights on PC should also be aware that the price of the game will increase after it leaves early access. The price of the adventure game on console is also unclear at this time. On Steam, Portal Knights is currently $15 in early access, and it is likely that the price will be higher on console since the game will be out of early access at that point.

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