Tiffany Trump: President's Daughter's Name Pops Up On 2 State's Books Amid Father's Call For 'Voter Fraud' Investigation

Tiffany Trump, Donald Trump's daughter with Marla Maples, is under fire for reportedly being registered to vote in two states. The reports about Tiffany come amid President Trump's claim of widespread "voter fraud."

Tiffany Trump, in a bit of irony -- due to the larger celebrity of her half-sister, Ivanka Trump -- is making headlines. The younger Tiffany is being cited in the same argument over the President's claim that millions of people voted illegally.

According to a report by the Hill, Tiffany Trump is a registered voter in her home state of New York, but records show she is also registered in Pennsylvania where she attended college.

For weeks, President Trump has been making claims of voter irregularities in states, and he believes it likely led to Clinton's large lead in the popular vote. On Wednesday, the President said he's ordering a "major investigation" into fraudulent votes cast in the general election. To bolster his claims of potential "illegal" activity in some cases, he said part of the problem involves "those registered to vote in two stages."

Tiffany's dual registrations came to light after the President's focus in tweets and conferences pointed to possible loopholes in the system or criminality. In addition to Tiffany's registration discovery, media sources also used public search records to learn that her father's chief White House strategist Steve Bannon is also registered to vote in more than one state. Moreover, Steven Mnuchin, Trump's cabinet choice for Treasury secretary, is reportedly registered to vote in California and New York.

After multiple news outlets provided reporting about Tiffany Trump's multi-state voter registrations, Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to the President, spoke with Matt Lauer of the "Today" show. Conway pushed back on the allegations about Tiffany's registration, according to Daily Mail.
"I talked last night with Tiffany Trump, and she said it is flatly false she is registered in two states. And I recall talking with Tiffany all through the fall when she was making sure she could re-register in New York to vote for her father.

"She had been registered in Pennsylvania and went through the process, said it was very byzantine and took a long time. But she said she is not registered in two states."

During a live broadcast, CNN said President Trump is defending his "baseless illegal" voting claim. The panel discussed the quagmire the president finds himself in after numerous independent sources reportedly debunked his suspicions.

John King, Anchor and Chief National Correspondent, said there are unnamed White House staff members that claim the president is "obsessed" with losing the popular vote to Hillary Clinton, who reportedly won more votes than the New York billionaire by a span of "nearly 3 million."

The Hill report pointed out that Tiffany Trump's voter registrations are likely not the result of an illegal attempt to give her father an advantage at the polls. Rather, the site said it's likely a factor of states and their quality assurance practices. Tiffany supposedly cast her vote for President in only one state.
"It is illegal to cast a ballot in multiple states, though it is not illegal to be registered in two states at the same time. It frequently happens when a person moves to a new state and registers at their new home, but their old state hasn't yet updated its voter rolls."
With the revelation of Tiffany's dual-state active registrations, the President may encounter a roadblock to prosecuting anyone found to have violated federal law, as Salon points out. It could mean prosecutors would have to include Tiffany Trump in the mix.

Do you think the President will move forward with his quest for an investigation into possible voter fraud? If so, how do investigators handle Tiffany's registration findings?

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