A blog of dicks

Humor. It’s a great thing but can be really tricky given that what some folks might find funny – even in a sophomoric way – or people consider disgusting and crude (which in itself can be funny). So in the spirit of LOLcats and The People of Walmart I present you with – Accidental Dong.

Yes folks some-one has actually decided to take the time to collect in one place all those pictures resemble that depict a part of the male anatomy. To quote their reason for being

It’s happened a million times. You draw an innocent little sketch for a friend or family member, only to realize moments later, “Crap. I just drew a Godzilla-like penis in front of Grandma.” Well my faux phallic friends, this blog is the home for all those wayward wangs out there.

Here is a “safe” sampling of some of the recent submissions that have been posted:

The NSFW Office Door


A Real Meaty One For Ya


Latest Accidental STD: Cat Scratch Fever


Dongs do grow on trees