Booby Trap! Confessions Of A Breast Surgery Addict As Danielle Lloyd Displays Bruised Breasts At NTA

Danielle Llyod’s recovery from a botched boob job that nearly killed her is far from over. This was evident on the red carpet of the National Television Awards where a peep at her side boob revealed that she had suffered heavy bruising. But even as Danielle Lloyd displays bruised side boobs at NTA the former WAG and model did not display any signs of being in pain.

Danielle Lloyd displayed bruised breasts at NTA as she wore a backless dress.

Dressed in a navy gown that had a sheer back, Danielle looked stunning as she walked the red carpet of the television awards event that that was being held at the O2 Arena in London.

The former model recently spoke about her botched boob job which had gone so horribly wrong at some point that she feared she would lose her life as it led to the loss of about six pints of blood. While the breast enhancement was supposed to make her look and feel good about her life, it ended up doing the opposite as it destroyed her self-esteem which eventually caused her marriage to fail.

Danielle Lloyd displays bruised side boobs at NTA
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“I had a massive blood clot in my chest and almost died. I lost six pints of blood. It was serious. I’m not silly. I know the more surgery that I have, the more complications can occur, but hopefully, there is something the surgeon can do,” the former Miss England revealed.

Reality Check

But despite the fact that she nearly died, the former beauty queen signed up for Celebrity Botched Up Bodies that airs on Channel 5 to once again undergo a breast procedure that would remedy the situation.

The reality show star also admitted that she had spent more than £30,000 on breast surgeries that totaled to nine in number. She initially appeared on the show in February, 2016, when she narrated the botched operation as well as confessing that she didn’t want her husband then, Jamie O’Hara, to see her naked as her self-esteem had plummeted. This forced her to undergo a series of operations trying to correct the mistake.

Danielle Lloyd displays bruised side boobs at NTA
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Back To AA — No, Not Alcoholics Anonymous

Five years ago, she was hospitalized after the explosion of an implant leading doctors to decide to remove her implants to save her life. Having graduated from a B cup to a D in her initial surgery, removing the implants left her with AA cups which seriously damaged her self-esteem.

However, after going on the show, the mother of three has been happy with the results. While she previously couldn’t even dare look at her breasts as they looked saggy, since joining the Celebrity Botched Up Bodies, she has grown more confident and happy with her breasts.

Pair Pressure

As for what drove her to undergo the numerous procedures, the former beauty queen revealed it was because of the lifestyle she was plunged into after winning the Miss England title when she was just 21. The mother of three revealed that a lot of other girls were doing it and she felt pressured to follow suit. So she kept on doing more and more procedures trying to seek perfection that was to never come. The 33-year old now wishes she had known better.

“I wish I could have had [the advice] in the past. Maybe I would have stuck to the one boob job, or not had them at all. I’ve had so much surgery over the last 10 years that I’ve realised me and surgery are not friends. We need to stay away from each other. Hopefully, fingers crossed never, ever, ever again,” Danielle disclosed.

Strength Of A Woman

In an episode of another reality show, In Therapy, the former Celebrity Big Brother contestant also confessed that she had been abused on a school trip to Australia when she was just 13. The former beauty queen also admitted that this was the first time she had gone public about it and that she had never even told her ex-husband. Equally shocking was a recent revelation by Danielle that she had been a victim of domestic abuse.

However, she was quick to add that it was not her former husband, Jamie, who abused her.

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