Dorit Kemsley’s Daughter Attacked By ‘RHOBH’ Viewers: Are People Crossing The Line?

Dorit Kemsley is brand new to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and to introduce herself to the viewers, she opened up about her family life. Kemsley revealed that she had a toddler son by the name of Jagger Kemsley, and a newborn daughter named Phoenix Kemsley. When Dorit started filming this new season of the show, her daughter was just a few months old and she was in the hands of her nannies when Dorit was filming. But on Tuesday’s episode of the show, Dorit Kemsley decided to introduce her daughter to her friends at her husband’s birthday party and while the wives were gushing about the baby, Dorit’s Twitter followers were less than supportive.

According to a new tweet, Dorit Kemsley is now defending her baby girl, who was less than one when she filmed the scene at her house. Clearly, her baby girl was overwhelmed with the number of people at the party and she was looking around to see what was going on. However, one follower pointed out that something was wrong with Dorit’s daughter, as she wasn’t making eye contact with her own mother.

“#RHOBH Dorit’s daughter doesn’t even look her in the eyes-lack of bond,” one person pointed out on Twitter about Dorit’s daughter not making eye contact with her own mother, to which Dorit Kemsley replied, “She’s not even one you [freak]!”

“Still. She should be looking you in the eye,” another person chimed in, but the majority of viewers felt that the children were off-limits when it came to criticism.

The whole discussion about leaving the children out of the show has been up for discussion several times. It was a big issue last season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, as many of the stars kept discussing Yolanda Hadid’s children, Bella Hadid and Anwar Hadid, because they had also been diagnosed with lyme disease. While the ladies just wanted to know how they were doing and if they were okay, many viewers felt the discussions were wrong and the children’s privacy should have been respected.

“Oh lord people STOP going after kids! It’s just wrong on so many levels! #notcool #RHOBH,” one person wrote in defense of Dorit Kemsley, while others added, “Kids are off limits! This is wrong!” and “Sooooo wrong! People on twitter have no morals.”

And it sounds like some people want viewers to understand that they only see parts of her life. Of course, these ladies may film all day most of the days during a four-month period, but it is only a few minutes that actually make it onto the show. And people need to keep this in mind before making the accusation that her daughter isn’t looking at her mother because there’s no connection between mother and daughter. And luckily for Kemsley, plenty of people saw how these types of comments were just horribly wrong.

“Attacking how someone mothers their child is low. Snippets is all we see of Dorit’s life,” another person wrote in defense of Dorit Kemsley, who sent her a heart back as a thank you.

Of course, Kemsley has been criticized once before based on her decisions in regards to her children. On one of the first episodes, Dorit opened up about how she has several nannies to help her take care of her children so she can maintain her lifestyle. And this didn’t sit well with people who watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

What do you think of Dorit Kemsley’s tweet about her daughter? Do you think people are crossing the lines by going after the children?

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