Kailyn Lowry Congratulates Chelsea Houska On Birth Of Son But Ignores Jenelle Evans?

Kailyn Lowry may be a strong woman, who can handle the criticism she’s facing from this season of Teen Mom 2, but she’s learning that fans don’t like the way she handles things. On this season of Teen Mom 2, Lowry has been compared to Farrah Abraham because of her attitude and her behavior in regards to everyone around her. Kailyn isn’t being very understanding of Javi Marroquin upon his return from his deployment, so she isn’t being very cooperative. This includes giving him a place to stay after she essentially kicked him out of their home and not letting him borrow their car seats. But it sounds like her bad attitude isn’t just reserved for her ex-husband.

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry is now facing some criticism after she decided to congratulate Chelsea Houska and her husband Cole on the birth of their son, Watson, but didn’t say anything about Jenelle Evans giving birth to her daughter just the day before. Some people were surprised that Lowry wouldn’t say or do anything to celebrate Evans’ big day.

“So so happy for Chelsea Houska and her family! Cannot wait to hold baby boy!” Kailyn Lowry revealed on Twitter yesterday after learning that her Teen Mom 2 co-star had given birth early to a baby boy.

Chelsea wasn’t due until February 14, but her son decided to come early. But just a few hours prior to Chelsea giving birth, Jenelle Evans announced that she had also given birth to her daughter, Ensley. She gave birth on Tuesday morning, while Houska informed fans of her birth on Wednesday. And while many of Evans’ followers did congratulate Evans on the birth of her daughter, Kailyn Lowry wasn’t one of them. In fact, Chelsea herself didn’t reach out to Jenelle either.

“Weird how one of the girls congratulated Jenelle….,” one person replied to Kailyn Lowry, hinting that she thought it was weird that none of the girls really cared about Evans giving birth to her son, while another added, “Just because I don’t feel that people should be comparing Chelsea’s baby with Jenelle’s baby.”

Of course, Jenelle isn’t always the most positive and supportive person when it comes to her co-stars. Throughout the years, she has followed and unfollowed her co-stars on social media, and she didn’t appreciate some of the comments that Kailyn made when she broke up with Nathan Griffith. In other words, these girls aren’t exactly friends.

“Y should any of them congratulate Jenelle when they’re not friends w/her?? That’d be so fake & stupid,” one person pointed out, sharing that many of the Teen Mom 2 stars are not friends with Jenelle Evans in real life and they just happens to be on a show together, while others pointed out that it was a matter of respect, writing back, “They’re all on a show together with the focus being on them & their children. Just respectful as this will now be a part of the show.”

But one person didn’t see why Kailyn Lowry should be so critical of Jenelle, especially since they have plenty of things in common. If Lowry has another baby with a new man, she would also have three children with three different men.

“I don’t see y hate on Jenelle bc if Kail has another kid she’ll b in same boat 3 baby daddies,” one person pointed out, sharing that Kailyn Lowry may not be much different if she decides to have a third child with a new boyfriend.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry not reaching out to Jenelle Evans on Twitter after the birth of her daughter?

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