Amber Rose Joins ‘Free Melania’ Debate With One Simple Photo

Despite dealing with her own controversy at the moment, model and women’s rights advocate Amber Rose has joined the #FreeMelania argument.

With one simple post this week, Rose encouraged her followers to discuss the issue regarding Donald Trump’s wife. She posted a photo showing Trump shaking hands with President Obama while Melania was left to unload and walk up the stairs alone. MUVA gave a simple statement of “I can’t” along with a disappointed emoji face as the caption of the image.

Of course, her followers then took over as they shared their opinions on the “Free Melania” social campaign. Instagram comments ranged from calling Donald Trump a “loser” to saying he and Melania “deserve each other.”

“…low class loser. A real gentleman would have gone and opened the door for his wife, no Trump, no class white trash!!”

“He left her behind like that…”

“Poor thing”

???? I can't.

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Others felt no pity for the first lady as they state she picked this life to live because she wanted a rich husband.

“well i don’t feel sorry for was her own choice, which (sic) proud woman would stay with a man like this? the most important thing for her is money…”

While Amber didn’t need to leave a long comment on the photo, just her posting the image was, in itself, a statement on how she feels about the treatment of Melania. And it wasn’t the first time Amber shared an image directed at Melania. Over the weekend, Rose took to Instagram to post a photo from the Women’s March as she said “seriously” in regards to the new first lady.

The photo in question is relating to the fact Melania made several expressions during the inauguration that people are now joking is fear or the realization she’s in over her head as the president’s wife.

Seriously ✊????✊????✊????✊????✊????

A photo posted by Amber Rose (@amberrose) on

The Mirror UK is calling her expression “Miserable Melania” in an article detailing why so many people are discussing the “Free Melania” campaign.

“The First Lady to the 45th President of the United States has captured everyone’s imagination after literally letting her mask slip.”

The site states that as soon as Trump looks away from her, Melania lets her fake smile disappear.

“A clip of Friday’s ceremony appears to Melania dropping a fixed grin as soon as her husband looks away.”

The Mirror ends by stating there was something “haunting” in Melania’s expression that day that has now sparked the social campaign to “free” her as the public expresses sympathy.

“…there’s something quite haunting about that facial expression. So, now there’s obviously a ‘campaign’ to free her (or at least inspire some sympathy).”

And enter Amber Rose! As an advocate for women’s rights, fans were most likely not surprised to see Rose’s post on the first lady. However, not all of her followers are agreeing with a show of sympathy for Melania.

“No. She is NOT a victim. She dutifully trots right behind that monster…”

While others made jokes about Mrs. Trump’s looks and alleged love of plastic surgery.

“Awwww… I don’t think she can’t. Too much Botox”

Perhaps one Instagram user captured what some people are thinking as they stated Donald Trump won’t let Melania even “blink for help.”

“She can’t blink, He doesn’t want her to blink”

Many photos from the inauguration weekend show a dutiful Melania trotting behind her husband as he assumes the highest office in the land, and people have turned these images into memes suggesting Trump treats his wife in a less than desirable way. However, viewers don’t know the context and are simply assuming something is amiss with Melania as she has yet to comment on the photos.

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