Will 'Yuri On Ice' Get A Second Season? Untold Stories, DVD Sales, Ratings And 2018 Winter Olympics Favorites Demand Sequel To Yuri And Victor’s Beautiful Story

Patrick Frye

Yuri On Ice fans are still waiting for the announcement of Season 2 of the popular Japanese anime. Fortunately, there are several reasons why the anime deserves a sequel.

Season 1 of Yuri On Ice had just 12 episodes. However, the creators of the anime managed to capture the attention of hundreds of thousands of anime fans with its unorthodox theme and engaging storyline. YOI depicted the story of figure skaters, and also managed to show the blossoming of love between two male competitors, a subject that is rarely tackled in a Japanese anime or manga.

Despite the anime ending in 2016, Yuri On Ice has managed to not only retain its fans, but even managed to garner new ones. The phenomenal sale of the DVDs is ample indicator of the show's popularity. Interestingly, the show has won the approval of some of the 2018 Winter Olympics favorites as well, reported Anime News Network. Many real-life athletes have expressed their appreciation to the anime series and noted they are eager for a sequel to YOI.

Although persistent demands and active discussions about the anime haven't allowed the rumors of Season 2 of Yuri On Ice to die out, there are quite few justifiable reasons that demand a sequel to the anime. Besides the fact that Yuri and Victor's relationship that extends beyond competitive skating had begun to blossom only towards the end of season 1, there are quite a few aspects that need to be explored.


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The creative genius behind Yuri On Ice, Mitsurou Kubo, had painstakingly developed all the characters that make an appearance in YOI. She had categorically mentioned that all the characters are extensively detailed because they deserved their moment in the spotlight, however brief it may be. In the process, she had crafted all these characters with unique and engaging backstories that haven't been explored. Hence Season 2 of Yuri On Ice has a lot of material left unexplored.

Despite being a painfully short 12-episode series, Yuri On Ice has experienced astounding success not only in Japan, but also across the globe. With beautiful choreography accompanied by mesmerizing compositions that mimicked real-life performances, Yuri On Ice became one of the rarest of Japanese anime that boldly explored a completely different path. Japanese manga and animation have traditionally stayed true to the fantastical worlds filled with great-looking superheroes with even grander superpowers. However, YOI chose to rely on real-life performances and performers whose traits and even state of mind were visible in the lead characters.

The success of the first season of YOI itself is one of the primary reasons the anime series deserves a sequel. Fortunately, Kubo herself has expressed her desire for Season 2 of Yuri On Ice, and hinted that she has some material ready. Hence it is quite likely that the team behind the popular Japanese anime about the messy yet beautiful and heartwarming connection Yuri experiences with his coach Victor, is already deep into development of the sequel of YOI.

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