Angelina Jolie Lands First Major Gig Post Divorce Announcement, Wendy Williams Blasts Star

Even prior to her announcement that she was filing for divorce from Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie had been on a bit of a Hollywood hiatus. At the time rumors swirled that the actress, director and humanitarian was ditching the onscreen spotlight for good and making politics and her UN position her focus. Clearly, the beauty was not involved in any projects over the course of the last six months since the split was announced, so it has been unclear as to whether any of these rumors hold any weight.

At this point, new word has come that Jolie has signed on for a gig that maintains her place in the spotlight, even if on a small scale. It has been announced that Angelina is the new face of Geurlain’s latest fragrance Mon Guerlain. The starlet is reportedly set to donate every dime she makes from being a part of the campaign to various charities of her choosing.

Vanity Fair shares details about the campaign.

“It [is Angelina’s] first major public-facing job since announcing her divorce from Brad Pitt in September. According to the French luxury beauty company’s announcement, the contract was signed back in December 2015, while she was in Cambodia directing First They Killed My Father, nearly a full year before Pitt and Jolie’s custody battle turned acrimonious. Still, it’s her first major work announcement since her name and Pitt’s lit up headlines in September.”

The publication also reminds that it is Jolie’s first beauty campaign contract in the past decade, stating that her last was for Shisheido back in 2007. But not everyone is thrilled with Jolie’s choice to announce this campaign. Wendy Williams, day time talk show diva, had a few words to say about the new details regarding Angelina, noting that she feels it’s just a strange time for the mother of six to choose to be a part of such a campaign, as The Mirror states.

“I just think it’s a weird time for her to be announced as the face of Guerlain. I don’t want to smell like this girl. Not now because she doesn’t smell so right just now on the account of what’s going on with she and Brad and the kids, and you don’t know whose side to be on…Well she will reportedly donate her salary to charity does that make it better for you I don’t know?”

William continued with the assessment of the situation, “I suspect that Guerlain has been sitting on this announcement of her being the face probably since before the holidays and then the whole divorce thing has blown up in her face.” The talk show host then stated that Jolie is “half-hated.”

It is accurate to say that although Pitt has endured quite a stressful time due to an FBI investigation being launched against him, for which he was cleared, and being unable to freely see his children, Angelina has also endured a stressful few months. Williams is accurate in noting that Jolie seems to be the one who is made the villain in the situation.

Her estranged hubby Brad Pitt is also putting his efforts into his work in the midst of the divorce drama and heated custody battle that has ensued. The Hollywood heartthrob was the lead in the recently released film Allied and has made a number of appearances despite being a hot topic in the tabloids over the divorce. Pitt made a surprise appearance at the Golden Globes recently and was met with extended applause.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt recently released a joint statement that they would work together from this point on to bring their marriage to a close amicably for the sake of their six children. After that point, the court filings were sealed.

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