Royce Reed Puts Dwight Howard On Blast Over His Relationship With Their Son, Claims He Only Calls On Birthdays

Royce Reed called in on Wednesday for an interview on the Domenick Nati Show, and naturally, he had some questions about her difficult relationship with Dwight Howard. Royce has accused Dwight over the years of being a not-so-amazing father and based on what she had to say about the father of her 9-year old son Braylon.

Royce told Domenick that she and Howard haven’t made headline news lately except for when the Atlanta Hawks center posted a picture of her on his own Instagram account. Royce said that when Dwight posted her picture, many assumed that the parents of Braylon were getting back together or that they were sleeping together again, but she made it very clear that they are not getting back together.

Apparently, Dwight Howard still isn’t prioritizing his son, and Royce Reed blasted the basketball star for putting his ball playing before his own son. Royce said she has to be a “pit bull” and make sure Dwight knows about it when he’s starting to hurt his son. She charged him with not answering the phone a lot when his son calls

Royce said that when she starts to get upset with the father of her child about his lack of involvement in their son’s life, he will respond and start to come around. What she’d really like is for Dwight to take responsibility and not make her go to that level before he takes action and gives his son some attention.

“His focus right now is basketball. Kind out of sight, out of mind. So I think Braylon as he gets older he’s going to vent to him…He’s going to have to answer a lot of questions.”

According to Royce Reed, Dwight Howard never makes the first move to call his own son unless it’s the kid’s birthday. Otherwise, she claims that if their son wants to talk to his father, he has to call him first and even then, Dwight might not even answer the phone.

“If you don’t call Dwight then he never calls and just checks in on Braylon? You’ve got to just keep calling him?” Nati asks.

“Pretty much unless it’s like a birthday,” Royce charges. “It’s just about time to schedule in what matters most.”

What’s up with that Dwight Howard? Royce Reed and the NBA baller have been at odds in the past, with their feud getting really nasty back in 2014 when the Inquisitr reported that Dwight was being investigated for child abuse.

The following year, TMZ reported that Royce Reed’s son with Dwight Howard that the then-7-year old Braylon was “terrified” of his dad. When Howard’s reps responded to her claims, they accused Royce of using the boy as a pawn to get back at her NBA baller ex-boyfriend.

Despite having one of the worst feuds between a professional athlete and the mother of his child that anyone can recall, Royce Reed and Dwight Howard reportedly squashed their differences less than a year ago according to TMZ. The historically hateful pair decided to work out their problems to co-parent Braylon, who was 8-years old at that time.

Royce and Dwight even shared family pictures on Instagram and played up the end of their years-long battle that was plagued with calls to the police and multi-million dollar lawsuits. Things seem to have been going well recently, but apparently, Dwight is still acting like a sometime dad rather than stepping up and being in his son’s life on a regular basis.

While Royce made it clear in the interview with Domenick Nati that she didn’t want any more beef with Dwight, she also said that he still needs to get it together and call her son. Or at least call the kid back when he calls. There’s still a lot to work out with Dwight and his priorities when it comes to parenting. Royce reminded listeners that her son isn’t getting any younger and Dwight won’t be able to get that time back later.

[Featured Image by Royce Reed/Instagram]