'This Is Us' Spoilers: Milo Ventimiglia Reveals That It Will 'Hurt' To Finally See Jack's Death

Well, well, well, This is Us fans; we certainly have a lot to talk about after yesterday's heartbreaking episode, don't we now? Last night was the first night we got a glimpse into Jack's death, and the latest This is Us spoilers suggest that if we thought last night's episode was rough, we're in for some more stabs to the heart in the weeks to come.

— E! News (@enews) January 18, 2017

According to the latest This is Us spoilers from E! Online, Kate (played by Chrissy Metz) got a huge breakthrough while she was at weight-loss camp. Ultimately, she realized while in the drumming session that many of her issues with her weight stemmed from the death of her father, Jack, who, as it was stated in previous episodes, and later revealed in last night's episode, died when The Big Three were teenagers.

"Long before you knew Jack may not be in the picture in the present day, this family always felt loving and good but broken. You've got kids battling severe issues, whether it be Randall and his anxiety, and Kate with many things of self-confidence and weight, and Kevin has gone off to Los Angeles, and clearly there's strained relationships with Rebecca. There feels like there was a break somewhere, and it always felt to me, as I thought about this family, that something formative happened to them in those prominent late teenage years, when you're really becoming an adult, and getting boyfriends and girlfriends, and forming as a human being in full."

— News Headquarter (@newshqtoday) January 16, 2017

The outlet sat down for a conversation with the Pearson patriarch, and he revealed that witnessing his character's funeral was one of the most painful things to watch.

"We're definitely going to explore that more with Hannah. But it's this idea that she is still hanging onto a deep, deep pain of her father's passing, and what that does to her. How does that and how has that impacted her? So, for me I'm excited to figure out: What are those moments, father to daughter, that she's really hanging onto and sharing and learning from or heartbroken over?"

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"It's not Sloane or Olivia who really holds the key to his heart, it's Sophie. Yes, the same little girl who basked in his 10-year-old glory days presentation of Princess Bride scenes while ducking out on her supposed BFF Kate's birthday party."

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