Raven Gates’ Backstory Censored By Arkansas TV Stations During Recent Episode Of ‘The Bachelor’ 2017

Raven Gates’ backstory was censored by ABC stations in her home state of Arkansas during a recent episode of The Bachelor 2017.

On Episode 4 of The Bachelor 2017, Nick Viall went on a one-on-one date with Raven Gates. During the dinner date segment, the pair addressed their past relationships and Raven opened up about discovering when her ex-boyfriend was cheating on her. She opened up with fairly graphic details about the situation she found her ex in after catching him with another girl.

Reality Steve blogged in his recent post that ABC affiliates in the state of Arkansas deleted her story. Scenes were cut off and went to commercial, and when The Bachelor episode continued, Raven Gates was handed a rose by Nick Viall.

Steve writes that this was “no coincidence” that this happened in Raven’s home state. The Bachelor spoilers extraordinaire has a theory that someone has some connections to the TV stations and wanted those scenes pulled to either protect Raven Gates or her ex-boyfriend — whom Steve has identified as Hunter Henry, a practicing doctor in Arkansas.

Episode 4 of The Bachelor 2017 aired in its entirety elsewhere in the nation. Raven’s story was only nixed in Arkansas with no explanation. It’s possible the reputation of Gates or Henry was being protected, Steve surmises.

“Who didn’t want that story getting out there? How did they have the power to tell Arkansas ABC affiliates to make sure cut out of it? Did those affiliates just not want bad publicity for Little Rock? Were they protecting Hunter, figuring it’d look bad for an Arkansas doctor to be linked to this story? Were they protecting Raven in that they just didn’t want a negative story about an Arkansas woman attacking a man with a stiletto? Who had the most to lose with that story getting out? I don’t know, maybe a doctor in Arkansas? Hey, I’m just speculating here. But that was no coincidence that Raven’s story gets seen everywhere in the United States EXCEPT in parts of Arkansas.”

Reality Steve went on to write that it won’t be surprising if Hunter Henry and the girl he was cheating with will go to the tabloids.

Raven Gates did react to the conspiracy speculations on Twitter but offered little insight.

“Everyone is asking me what happened- Little Rock & the central AR area censored my story. U’ll have to find the clip elsewhere. #TheBachelor.”

Steve explained that whoever made sure those scenes were deleted wouldn’t have had the power to go up against Bachelor producers to have it eliminated. He thinks someone was adamant about not having the story get out there about Raven’s ex cheating on her and that she allegedly beat him with a stiletto when she caught him.

For Nick Viall’s part, he thoroughly enjoyed his date with Raven Gates and appreciated her candor about her past. In his People blog, Nick revealed how it showed him a more personal side of Raven.

“Hearing Raven reflect on how her past made her stronger was very attractive. I know it took a lot of courage to tell that story. I never condone physical violence, but I can’t imagine being a woman put in that situation. I’d known for a while that Raven had a good heart, but that night I learned she is feisty and full of so much more power than I’d ever imagined. When I went to sleep that night and thought about our date, I was so excited about our future. Raven is a woman who would make a fierce partner and her confidence in herself is what I desire most in someone who could be my wife.”

With Reality Steve’s version of what happened, Arkansas Bachelor fans will take it upon themselves to watch Nick Viall and Raven Gates’ date in Episode 4 online. Looks like the powers that be in the state may not have succeeded completely in keeping that tidbit a secret despite their greatest efforts.

The Bachelor 2017 airs Monday nights on ABC at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

[Featured Image by Rick Rowell/ABC]