June 29, 2017
Nintendo NES Classic Edition Stock Update: Current Availability, When And Where Is The Next Stock Expected?

Nintendo NES Classic Edition stocks or rather the lack of it has disappointed fans ever since the console was released back in November. The company has clearly been unable to maintain the supply to meet the ever-increasing demand.

Desperate fans have been camping overnight outside the retail stores and battling the cold weather to lay their hands on the miniature consoles. Some fans have even blamed the company and accused them of supplying lesser quantities to create more buzz around the product as a part of their marketing strategy.

However, the stocks have been replenished at several retailers, and this news should give hope to several fans that have now been waiting for the consoles since its launch.

Nintendo NES Classic Edition Stocks At GameStop

Gamestop has received limited stocks for the Nintendo NES Classic Edition. Since the stocks are available in limited quantities, the miniature consoles will be sold till stocks last and only one per customer, as reported by Mashable.

Nintendo NES Classic Edition With Controller
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In all probability, by the time you read this most of them would have already been sold out. You can check the availability of the NES classic edition stocks at NowInStock. It is advisable to call your local GameStop stores to check if the consoles are still available.

The NES classic will be sold at GameStop for $59.99, with no premium pricing. GameStop is also offering higher money backs from trade-ins. Customers can get a $50 in-store credit for Xbox One trade and a $25 credit on any trade of PlayStation Vita or Nintendo 3DS to put towards their purchases.

Nintendo NES Classic Edition Stocks At Target

Target has been one retailer that has consistently managed to acquire the NES mini consoles. It has clearly outwitted its competitor Walmart in providing the consoles.

Again, the number of consoles that Target receives is very limited. So, chances of them lasting long are slim. However, there is one trick that can help you buy your NES Classic Edition gaming consoles.

Nintendo has been incapable of Maintaining stocks
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The amount of new stock that arrives at each store will undoubtedly differ based on the size and location of the store. So rather than going to the Target stores in cities, fans can go to larger Target stores in the suburban region near the major cities.

It is also advisable to check the Nintendo NES Classic Edition Stocks at BrickSeek. They provide complete information about availability and number of consoles available at a particular Target store.

Check the availability by entering your area code and do glance at any availability in the nearby areas. The best bet still is to check with your local stores about the existing and upcoming stocks.

Is Toys R Us Getting New Stocks?

Latest rumors suggest that the Toys R Us is getting a huge stock re-supply on January 26. However, Toys R Us has not made any announcement about the replenishing the stocks for NES classic edition consoles.

So, at this point, it is not confirmed whether Toys R Us will get new NES Classic Edition consoles or not. Fans can keep an eye on Toys R Us for next few days, just in case if the speculation turns out to be true. Nintendo NES classic hunters can check the stock updates on Stockinformer.

Meanwhile, gamers are worried that Switch will meet the same fate as NES Classic mini. However, the good news is that 20 million Switch units will be released on the day of its launch.

The COO of Nintendo America, Reggie Fils-Aime recently revealed this information and also assured that the company is working hard to provide sufficient NES Classic Edition stocks. But, several fans who have been waiting eagerly, still believe that this was a marketing gimmick by Nintendo that went wrong.

What do you think about the current stock situation? Share your views in the comments section below.

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