First Approval Ratings For Donald Trump Are In — And He Broke A Record

The first approval ratings for President Donald Trump are in and Gallup has disseminated the record-breaking stats and compared them to other presidents from the past on their first days in office. Americans will find that the first ratings might be somewhat of a shock to those who may or may not have voted for the business-mogul-turned-politician.

As reported by Gallup on Tuesday, President Donald Trump has officially set a new national record in the history of approval ratings for a president in his first days in office. Donald Trump, as most may have already guessed, has been so controversial in the last 16 months that the country has become intensely divided.

With only 10 percent of those surveyed abstaining from a vote on the Gallup poll, the first approval ratings for President Donald Trump have him in a dead heat, with 45 percent approving of his performance thus far in office, while the other 45 percent have disapproved of his performance in office at this point.

Tied for second place on that list are republican Presidents George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan, who both had a 51 percent approval rating at the same point in their administrations. Third place goes to another Republican president, George W. Bush (57 percent), while fourth place goes to a Democratic president, Bill Clinton (58 percent).

The approval rating list after that goes as follows from lowest to highest: Richard Nixon (59 percent), Jimmy Carter (66 percent), Dwight Eisenhower (68 percent), Barack Obama (68 percent), and John F. Kennedy (72 percent).

It appears as though Donald Trump just keeps on surprising the American audience with shocking results, but this one obviously was not a record that he was striving for.

But this could be just a sign of the times with so much breaking news happening all at once that has Donald Trump’s name written all over it, even if he didn’t actually do the deeds. Those events include some mishaps and blunders that have occurred with some of his senior staff and cabinet picks, which have been controversial to say the least.

On Saturday, press secretary for President Donald Trump, Sean Spicer, took to the presidential podium for the first time and in his first act as press secretary, he attacked the media. It seems as though he and Donald Trump were not too pleased with the media reporting on the crowd size for the inauguration, which the media has defended vehemently that they accurately reported the crowd size when they showed comparisons to the inauguration of Donald Trump and the 2009 inauguration of former president Barack Obama.

Sean Spicer went as far as to characterize the media as reporting false or biased news, essentially accusing them of not giving Donald Trump a fair shake in his first days as president. Spicer also said that the inauguration had the “largest audience,” adding that it was in person and around the world.

Additionally, senior Donald Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway did an interview with Chuck Todd on NBC’s Meet The Press and the two squared off with many jabs back and forth about Sean Spicer’s press conference. Conway tried to side-step the question by calling attention to the false media reports about Donald Trump removing the Martin Luther King bust from the White House office, which did not actually happen.

Chuck Todd did admit that those media reports were indeed false, but he was not going to allow Conway off that easy with the Sean Spicer remarks. When Todd kept pushing her about the comment made by Sean Spicer and referring to them as “falsehoods,” Conway finally relented and said that Spicer was reporting “alternative facts,” which has since been a comical hashtag shared across Twitter and all of social media at Kellyanne Conway and Donald Trump’s expense.

[Featured Image by Andrew Harrer/Pool/Getty Images]