#FreeMelania Gets 11,000 People Talking On Facebook As Melania Trump’s Frown And ‘Petrified’ Look Circulates [Video]

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump may have made a splash on Friday, January 20, but not in the way most people expect. According to Facebook, 11,000 people are currently talking about the hashtag #FreeMelania, with Facebook placing “Melania Trump petrified” pre-filled in the search engine of the social media website. That’s because a widely circulated video showing Melania smiling as President Trump turned in her direction, but quickly losing Mrs. Trump’s smile when Mr. Trump turned away from Melania has people reading body language. The following photos in the gallery showing Mr. and Mrs. Trump’s interactions on Friday is also being analyzed by body language experts, who claim Mr. Trump views Melania as an object, as reported by the Inquisitr.

Whereas some people think Melania was simply feeling the weight of the day’s events — other people are claiming that Melania’s demeanor means that Mrs. Trump feels a certain way about Mr. Trump.

Free Melania

Despite the video being circulated showing a serious and sad and pensive look come across Mrs. Trump’s face, it’s not exactly known why Melania’s expression changed. As reported by Snopes, some people on social media speculated that Mr. Trump may have said something to Melania to turn her smile into a frown. However, Mr. Trump may have actually been speaking to Barron Trump, who the publication said could be seen fidgeting and talking during the ceremony — as witnessed from a different vantage point of a video that appears on Snopes‘ page. The publication speculates that Mr. Trump may have admonished Barron, and such a tactic might have caused Melania to frown.

Either way, people online are using that incident, as well as other so-dubbed awkward moments during the long day of activities to place their own speculations upon the marriage of the Trumps.

Free Melania

As reported by AOL, the video of Melania frowning began to go viral just as Mr. and Mrs. Trump celebrated 12 years of marriage. And whereas some Trump supporters loved the manner in which President Trump and Mrs. Trump danced at their inaugural balls, others found their dancing awkward and stilted and not necessarily romantic.

Free Melania

First Lady Melania is now the subject of plenty of memes online, with some using the #FreeMelania hashtag to joke that Mrs. Trump handed Mrs. Obama a Tiffany & Co. box with a sign that asked for help, instead of the likely speculated contents of a fancy photo frame.

The top photo above shows President Trump dancing with Melania at the Liberty Inaugural Ball on January 20, in Washington, D.C. The manner in which Mrs. Trump acted towards Mr. Trump at the Liberty Ball and beyond — which was the first of three inaugural balls that President Trump attended that night — has been studied by body language experts.

Folks also had plenty to say about the way Mr. Trump exited his vehicle and climbed the stairs to greet President and Michelle Obama, without waiting for Melania in the manner that Mr. Obama waited for Mrs. Obama to ascend the stairs together, years ago.

Some of the comments flowing into social media under the #FreeMelania hashtag can be read below.

The Grio: “Melania, blink twice if you want us to save you girl.”

: “‘Video of Melania Trump looking petrified sparks .’ I think we need to form the Underground Railroad.”

Yazmin Elias shared Left Over Rights‘s video: “I feel bad for Melania.”

Jerry Tenney: “I feel sad for Melania. It appears she is abused. I believe his White House staff fears him and realize they must make excuses for him. I believe his cabinet officers seeing him as a useful idiot. The Republicans will impeach him as soon as he [is] in a position to take the blame for all of their dirty work.”

Rhonda Dyson: “Am I understanding correctly? People are trending because they think she’s in a domestic violence situation?”

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