Donald Trump Parody Video Gets Boulder Creek High School Principal And Assistant Principal Suspended – With Pay

A Boulder Creek High School principal and her assistant were suspended after a Kellyanne Conway and Donald Trump parody skit video was leaked — and went viral. The Arizona public school officials, Lauren Sheahan and Jay Kopas, have been placed on paid leave, but parents are pushing the school district to levy a stronger punishment for the skit they feel is highly inappropriate and offensive.

“OK men and you girls, we’re here to make Boulder Creek great again! We’re going to drain the jungle and make Boulder Creek great again. We will build the wall around our border and keep those moron parents and weak and loser students out,” Boulder Creek High School Assistant Principal Jay Kopas said while adorned in a suit, tie, and baseball cap in an apparent attempt to resemble President Donald Trump.

Boulder Creek High School Principal Lauren Sheahan and her assistant principal maintain the Kellyanne Conway and President Trump parody skit was intended to only be viewed by staff during a faculty meeting at the Arizona school, Fox News reports. They also claimed the skit was not political in nature.

Principal Lauren Sheahan, who portrayed Kellyanne Conway, spoke in defense of Jay Kopas, as President Donald Trump, when he called to bulletproof the wall in the front office of the school during the parody skit. While pretending to be the only woman who successfully led a presidential campaign, Sheahan deemed her stage partner “very physically fit and fiscally responsible.”

“We are much safer now, as long as the assailant checks into the front office before coming onto campus,” the Boulder Creek High School principal said.

Jay Kopas said “stupid students” and their parents should be properly vetted before they could get inside the Arizona high school and mingle with the other students and staffs.

Boulder Creek High School is part of the Deer Valley Unified High School District, the Arizona Republic reports. The district is located in the Phoenix area. After the President Donald Trump parody video was leaked on Saturday, the Arizona school district issued a public release which said administrators were unaware the parody skit had been created and performed and “does not endorse it.”

“Any good students or staff leave, we will make it tough for them and their lives will be a total disaster. If they’re athletic, we will break their kneecaps. Who wants those lightweights anyway? They are zeroes,” the Arizona high school officials also said during the Trump parody video.

The Boulder Creek High School principal penned a letter to parents to apologize for the Trump parody skit. The letter said Sheahan was “deeply sorry to anyone who was offended.” She went on to say no political statement of any kind was being made, and the entire skit was merely an attempt at humor.

Many parents were deeply offended by the skit they feel mocked them, Kellyanne Conway, President Trump, and students. An online petition was launched calling on both the principal and assistant principal of Boulder Creek High School to resign.

“The pair covered a lot in their nearly-seven minute performance including building a wall, a dig at the school board, calling out staff members by name and insulting the student body and their families. The Anthem community is outraged by this video and its insults,” an excerpt from the “Make Boulder Creek Great Again” petition posted to, reads.

“We were shocked, she called parents morons and she is the principal of the school,” parent Kristi Castillo said during an interview with KNXV.

While the principal and assistant principal were in character and on the stage, they discussed school news and upcoming events. Parents in the Arizona school district are planning to share their thoughts about the Conway and Trump parody video during a regularly scheduled Deer Valley Unified High School District board meeting later this evening.

What do you think about the Boulder Creek High School officials making a President Trump parody video and getting suspended with pay?

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