Christian Bale’s Mysterious Disappearance From 2018 Han Solo Spinoff, New Movie Receives Low Rating

Christian Bale could have played the mysterious role of the mentor to a young Han Solo in the upcoming as-yet-untitled Han Solo spinoff movie set for release in May 2018, according to Screen Crush.

It was announced earlier this month that Woody Harrelson had been cast in the role, and part of the announcement included the leaked revelation that Christian Bale was also up for the coveted role. As to whether he turned it down or if there was another reason why the role went to Harrelson instead of Bale, fans will have to wait and hope for further news to be revealed.

Christian Bale was born in 1974 in the United Kingdom and gained prominence at 13-years-old when he played the lead character in Steven Spielberg’s Empire of the Sun.

More recently, Bale attracted a worldwide fan base when he played the role of Batman in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy. This Batman movie was quite different to earlier Batman films because it explored the psychology of young Bruce Wayne as he evolved from a rich brat to the caped crusader.

Bale’s Batman confronts villains like Ra’s al Ghul, Bane, and the notorious Joker. Recently, Matthew Perry, one of the stars of Friends, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and revealed that he’s a big fan of Christian Bale’s Batman. In fact, Perry considers Bale the best candidate to play the onscreen version of the caped crusader.

Batman is considered the most popular character from the DC Comics franchise, which is why many actors would love the opportunity to play this character. The famous DC Comics superhero has previously been played by Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, and George Clooney.

Recently, actor Ben Affleck played the coveted role in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, a superhero film directed by Zack Snyder. Fans used to seeing the American Psycho star as Batman must have been disappointed at having another actor playing Batman, and eager fans have refused to keep quiet. One of them has even created a fan-trailer of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice depicting Christian Bale and Brandon Routh swapping places with Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill. Cinema Blend reported that the fan who made the trailer was very creative and added special effects and additional characters to the scenes, borrowing from several movies from the DC Comics film franchise.

Brandon’s Superman looks very similar to Henry’s Superman but, in the trailer, Christian Bale’s Batman is depicted as a darker version of the superhero.

Even though Bale is largely associated with the DC Comics superhero, he also played the role of Moses in Exodus: Gods and Kings. Now, Christian Bale is set to appear in another film based on important historical events. The Independent reported that the actor would play the role of a photo-journalist in The Promise, a movie based on a love story that unfolds during the downfall of the Ottoman Empire.

The movie also features Oscar Isaac and Charlotte le Bon, who play the roles of an Armenian doctor and an Armenian artist respectively. The characters played by Bale and Isaac are depicted as rivals, with both of them being in love with le Bon’s character. However, their lives are affected by the Armenian genocide committed by soldiers of the Ottoman Empire.

The film depicts how the Armenian characters struggle to escape almost certain death caused by the genocide. Bale’s movie was first premiered at the Toronto Film Festival and, surprisingly, based on its screening at the film festival, the movie received a 4.1/10 rating on the IMDb movie database. Movie Pilot revealed that 55,126 audience members who watched the movie had given it a score of 1/10.

Considering that the upcoming Christian Bale movie is not that bad, Armenians are quick to point out that the Turkish Government could well have launched a campaign to rate the movie negatively on websites like IMDb. Even today, the Turkish Government refuses to accept that it committed atrocities on its own minorities during the First World War.

It remains to be seen whether the movie’s ratings will improve after it has been officially released in theaters. The Hollywood Reporter noted that the film is slated for release on April 28, 2017, so it will be very interesting to see critics’ and general audience’s reactions to the new Christian Bale film.

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]