Katie Maloney Slams Scheana Shay For Spreading Rumor That Tom Schwartz Cheated And Talking ‘BS’

There seems to some trouble between Katie Maloney and Scheana Shay again. As the latest Vanderpump Rules episode aired on Monday night, Katie lashed out at Scheana for implying she’s an alcoholic and that she and the other girls, namely Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute, wouldn’t have been sympathetic upon hearing about her marital woes with Mike Shay. Katie even accused Scheana of spreading rumors that her now-husband, Tom Schwartz, cheated on her.

In one tweet, Katie admitted that while she can become “emotionally unhinged” sometimes, there are a select few who use her behavior for their own purposes when it suits them. Clearly, Katie believes Scheana to be one of those people.

“Yes! I can become emotionally unhinged no doubt but there’s a select few who lean on this convenient narrative!”

If it wasn’t clear enough who she was talking about, Katie outright named Scheana in her next tweet. Katie called what Scheana told Ariana Madix in one scene, that she couldn’t talk to the other girls about her marital problems with Mike because they would throw it back in her face, “bulls**t.” According to Katie, Scheana talked to her and the others about her marital issues, and they didn’t throw it in her face.

“In closing tonight.. scheana knew she could talk to us about her issues, she also did talk to us & we didn’t throw it in her face! Bulls**t!”

In another tweet regarding Scheana, Katie accused her of creating her own reality to suit her own agenda and feelings. Katie added that she’s really hurt from hearing what Scheana said on the latest episode as Scheana has been one of her best friends.

“Sometimes people create their own reality to suit their own agenda & feelings. Scheana has been one of my best friends & tonight hurt a lot.”

When a viewer replied to Katie’s tweet to tell her that Scheana’s behavior wasn’t fair, Katie added that Scheana also perpetuated rumors that Tom cheated on her.

“of course it should be about the bride. However she did perpetuate cheating rumors about tom that summer too. Oh well”

Yet, Katie also said that Scheana apologized for mentioning how much the bridal shower cost.

Scheana defended herself from the criticism. When a viewer said that she wouldn’t stand for one of her bridesmaids calling her an alcoholic, Scheana pointed out that she never used that word.

Katie had something to say about that. She told Scheana that saying she had a “drinking problem” was the same thing. Katie told Scheana that she knows her better than that.

Katie added that when she has a problem with someone, she reacts the same way with or without alcohol.

“again, if I have a problem with someone it’s the same problem with or without alcohol.”

When another viewer gave his opinion that Katie drinks to get drunk, Katie said that she does not.

While Scheana Shay denied calling Katie Maloney an alcoholic, Scheana did admit that she was wrong in regards to telling Katie about the drama over her bridal shower cost. Scheana explained that she was at a breaking point with a couple of people in her life at that time, which seems to be a reference to her now-ex Mike Shay, but agreed that she should have never said such things to Katie as it was tacky.

In response to another viewer who criticized Scheana for talking to Katie about how much her bridal shower cost, Scheana admitted that she had “word vomit” and that it was a classless mistake she later apologized for.

However, Scheana has yet to respond to Katie’s accusation that she spread rumors about Tom Schwartz cheating on her.

Scheana apparently anticipated the viewer criticism. Prior to the Vanderpump Rules episode airing, Scheana told viewers that she looks stupid in the upcoming episode and pleaded with them to be nice to her.

On the latest episode, Scheana confided to Ariana Madix that she has been crying and feeling lonely. With Mike Shay nearby but out of earshot, Scheana tells Ariana that Mike hasn’t been around much. Scheana said that the prior night, at 3 a.m., she repeatedly texted Mike to see where he was, only for him to give her a snippy response about how he’s working hard in the studio and to not bother him. Scheana added that she doesn’t talk to the other girls — meaning Katie, Kristen Doute, and Stassi Schroeder — about what she’s going through because they would just throw it back in her face the next time they get drunk.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Scheana thanked Katie, as well as Ariana, in November of 2015 for being there for her as she dealt with Mike’s substance abuse problems, which viewers saw play out last season.

The next day, Scheana complained to Katie while the two were working at SUR about how much she was told to pay for the bridal shower that she and the other bridesmaids threw for her in celebration of her upcoming wedding to Tom. Scheana said that she and the other girls didn’t come to an agreement about how much they were going to shell out for the party, so she didn’t feel it was right that she was now being told that her share cost $500. Unfortunately for Scheana, Katie clearly didn’t appreciate hearing her complain about how much the bridal shower cost.

Scheana then took her complaint to SUR boss Lisa Vanderpump, who wisely told her to take her complaint to the other girls and to get over it so that she could concentrate on work.

In her confessional interview, Katie called Scheana’s behavior tacky.

“I just feel it’s very tacky.”


When Katie told Stassi that Scheana complained to her about the bridal shower cost, Stassi became enraged. In her confessional, Stassi wondered if Scheana was raised by wolves.

“Scheana, were you raised by wolves? Now I’m enraged.”

At another point in the episode, Scheana pretty much told Katie that her excessive drinking contributes to all of the arguments that she has with Tom.

A preview for the remaining Vanderpump Rules season shows that viewers will see more come to light regarding Tom Schwartz’s supposed cheating on Katie Maloney.

“My fiance cheated on me,” says Katie in one scene.

Perhaps as Katie’s tweet on Monday night indicates, viewers will see Scheana Shay as the person who tells everyone that Tom cheated on Katie?

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