‘Bachelor’ Star Corinne Olympios’ Business, College Background Questioned As This Nick Viall Season Villain Shakes Things Up

Corinne Olympios is generating a lot of buzz this winter on ABC’s The Bachelor 2017, and many fans are stunned that Nick Viall keeps giving her roses. This bachelorette is not shy about talking about her privileged life at home, and this has many wondering what the real scoop is on her. What is her business, and where did she go to college? Is she really as rich and pampered as she makes it seem?

There have been plenty of steamy moments between Nick and Corinne in the first few episodes of The Bachelor in Season 21 and spoilers suggest that there are more on the way. As Episode 4 ended Monday night, Olympios was defending herself as fellow bachelorette Taylor Nolan criticized her, and this controversial lady minced no words in expressing how much she has going on back home.

All of this bold talk has led many viewers to wonder about Corinne Olympios’ business and background, including whether she went to college and where. As TMZ notes, the Olympios’ business is Armor Garage, a company that supplies epoxy floor and roof coatings. Just how successful is this business? While this Bachelor contestant says it’s very successful, People notes that the truth is a bit more murky.

While clearly the family does well and the business does seem to be successful, some think that Olympios might be exaggerating things a bit. Corinne shared with Glamour that she runs the family’s online business, but it is known that she also models and has appeared in a few music videos for artists like Pitbull, Akon, and Lil Jon.

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While Olympios is based in Florida and her family business is there as well, she did indicate as she prepared to film The Bachelor that she would be willing to relocate. Viewers likely would not be too surprised to hear that she would be open to moving to Los Angeles, California, which is where Nick himself has relocated since his first stint with the series a while back.

What would that mean for this million-dollar business that she says she runs? It seems that things are a tad murky in terms of how much Corinne really does with the business or how much things would change if the part-time model moved to California. However, she has noted that she can run the online business from anywhere, so she seemingly does have some flexibility when it comes to staying in Florida versus moving to be with Viall, should she end up being his pick.

As for questions regarding where Olympios went to college, her LinkedIn page does indicate that Corinne’s college days included some time at Florida International University, where she was involved in theater. The Sun Sentinel notes that she attended FIU in 2010 and 2011 and had an undecided major, and it sounds as if she seemingly left before completing a degree.

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Does Corinne really have a shot at scoring Nick’s final rose? Bachelor spoilers have indicated that she sticks around for a while, and she got many people buzzing when she was spotted wearing an engagement ring recently. Of course, long-time followers of the show know that the winner can’t wear her ring until after the finale, but some started to wonder if Viall was engaged to Olympios or if perhaps she had already gotten engaged to someone else.

In reality, this was just a bit of a prank, Corinne’s mom shared with Entertainment Tonight. The ring belongs to comedian Claudia Oshry, and she was just helping the bachelorette star prank everybody. Gossip guru Reality Steve has dished out the details regarding Viall’s final pick, and if Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers are right, Olympios won’t have to put together a move to California in order to be with her new fiance. However, it seems virtually guaranteed that she’ll be popping up on Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise this summer.

Do you think that this bachelorette is being truthful in talking about her business? Corinne Olympios is definitely shaking things up this winter on ABC’s The Bachelor 2017 season, and there is no question she’s managed to charm Nick Viall to a significant degree. Tune in next Monday for Episode 5 to see where things head next with this controversial lady, and stay tuned as her antics continue over the next few shows.

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