Kate Gosselin Rumors: ‘Kate Plus 8’ Star Makes Children ‘Prisoners In Their Own Home’?

The matriarch of ‘Kate Plus 8’ has frequently been the target of several stories of speculation, to be sure, but the latest Kate Gosselin rumors suggest that she’s actually a lot worse than previously thought. The latest stories coming out about the reality star have her making her children “prisoners” in their own home!

That’s the word from Wetpaint, whose latest round of Kate Gosselin rumors suggest that the mother of eight has stricter rules than you could possibly imagine that any one person could have. In addition to subjecting the children to pat-downs when they come back from their father Jon’s home, the children have so many rules that, by their own admission, they feel like prisoners in the house!

“Kate says no clothing or belongings can be brought from her house to Jon’s house, so the kids arrive for visitation [at Jon’s] in their school uniforms and change into clothes Jon has for them when they get to his house, then they put their uniforms back on before head­ing to their mom’s house.”

And these Kate Gosselin rumors are confirmed by ComicBook.com, who make clear that Kate controls everything that the children do and even controls whether Jon can see his children or not. Jon was not involved in the decision-making process of putting 11-year-old Collin into a treatment facility, and neither was he involved in the process of determining whether they can have cell phones (Kate said that they could not).

In a nutshell, Kate is such a strict parent that she not only rules over her children with an iron fist, but she rules over her ex-husband with one, as well. It’s questionable if this is a good idea for anyone involved, but that hasn’t stopped Kate, according to the outlet.

“Jon has reportedly not seen his son Colin in two years, nor will Kate tell him where Colin is located. This has prompted the couple to appear before a judge to discuss their custody arrangements. Hopefully, the two will come to an arrangement that is best for their eight kids, and not just what’s best for the two of them.”

And this story about how strict Kate Gosselin is with her kids is addressed in the latest issue of In Touch Weekly, who delves deep into these latest Kate Gosselin rumors.

In Touch has been pretty consistent in reporting all about the latest Kate Gosselin rumors, and they’ve all but confirmed that Kate’s iron-fisted rule of her children and her family in general stem, in part, from the fact that she’s a single mother who’s responsible for a lot of people, and without that level of control, the household could and would quickly fall apart.

However, In Touch also points out that there needs to be some freedoms allowed in the household, and it’s detrimental overall to not give any freedoms to anyone involved. They claim that there’s a reason that Collin was sent to a facility to deal with his “anger issues,” and in the past, they’ve blamed both the acrimonious divorce of Jon and Kate, plus the increased pressure of being a reality star that forced Collin to regress into a pattern of anger.

Hopefully, everything works out for the best for the family soon.

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