John Elway: Cab Driver Calls Bronco GM ‘Number One,’ Doesn’t Realize Former QB Is In Backseat [Video]

Sam Snow, a Washington, D.C., cab driver, got a big surprise on a recent trip when, in normal conversation with his passengers, who he did not recognize, he listed Denver Broncos general manager and former quarterback John Elway as being “number one.” Little did he realize that his hero, who was in Washington to attend the inauguration of President Donald Trump, was sitting in the backseat of his cab, as reported by the Denver Post.

After a woman in the group confirms that the cab driver’s number one quarterback pick is, indeed, John Elway, the NSFW video turns to the discussion of who would “do” the former NFL star.

“John Elway, he’s not that great,” a member of Elway’s group tested the waters with the cabbie, speaking with another member of her party. “I think he’s hot.”

“This girl’s slept with him before,” a member of the Elway party responded.

“She’d do him,” a woman laughed.

Perhaps somewhat flustered with the turn the conversation had taken, but attempting to play along, Mr. Snow offered the opinion that a number of guys would like to “do” John Elway. However, when cornered as to whether a John Elway-cab driver meeting in bed was something he would be interested in, Snow insisted that he wasn’t that great an Elway fan and that he would not go to bed with him.

“I don’t roll like that,” Snow explained.

After the opinion was offered that John Elway is “cute,” the cabbie professed an inability to gauge the attractiveness of other men.

Denver Broncos General Manager John Elway with quarterback Peyton Manning.

Snow was then asked why Elway made the taxi driver’s pick as number one. The cabbie said that he thought the 1987 NFL Most Valuable Player was a “great quarterback.” When pressed for who his number two pick is, Sam Snow hesitated before professing that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, in his opinion, comes after John Elway. Taxi driver Snow then listed Ben Roethlisberger as his third favorite.

Finally, the passengers asked Mr. Snow if he would recognize John Elway if he met him in person, to which the cabbie stated that he would. Paige suggested that Snow turn around and look in the back seat.

“How you doing, man?” Elway asked the cab driver, as his mouth became wide with surprise.

“Oh, come on man? You serious?” Snow asked Elway while giving him an all-thumbs, bro-style handshake.

“I’ve got to take a picture, man. Seriously,” the cabbie excitedly said as members of the party laughed in the background.

John Elway with U.S. Senator from Arizona John McCain.

The laughter spread through the group when it was suggested again that, perhaps, the cabbie might be interested in sleeping with Elway.

“No, no, no, no,” Snow insisted while asking again if he could take a picture with the star once the group reached their destination.

The passengers then joked with the cab driver, telling him that it was a good thing he listed John Elway as his favorite quarterback. Otherwise, they would have gotten out and walked. Mr. Snow spoke again of taking pictures with the Bronco to show to “the guys,” who he predicted would be “jealous” after learning of his good fortune. Realizing his once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, the cab driver reminisced over famous NFL players Elway had played with over the years. The quarterback graciously joined in with him in reliving his memories playing against the best in the league.

John Elway played for the Denver Broncos for his entire career, from 1983 to 1998, winning two Super Bowl championships. The beloved quarterback was named Most Valuable Player of Super Bowl XXXIII, played on January 9, 1999, where the Broncos beat the Atlanta Falcons 34-19, and played in nine Pro Bowls.

[Featured Image by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images]