Jennifer Lopez Slammed For Flaunting Sexy Body On Instagram At 47, Attacked For Dating Drake, 30

Jennifer Lopez has become known for her fabulous figure at 47, but now the actress/singer is the subject of a backlash after flaunting her body on Instagram. Some fans also are criticizing the age gap between Jennifer and her reported new boyfriend, Drake, who is 30, and using social media to voice their objections.

The backlash heated up after Lopez posed on her bed, flaunting her booty and legs. Some haters slammed her for not “acting her age,” reported the International Business Times.

Jennifer Lopez recently posted a very sexy photo on Instagram, and some complain that she's "too old" at 47 to show so much skin.

Those who felt that Jennifer is too old to show off so much of her body without modest clothing even called her a “granny,” while others attacked Lopez as “self-absorbed.” In addition, some of those criticizing Jennifer claimed that the photo may have been Photoshopped.

But the backlash didn’t end there. Others pointed to the 17-year age gap between Lopez and Drake, and some upset by the romance between Jennifer and the rapper even compared their timelines. When Lopez was walking the red carpet at the Grammys in 2002, for example, Drake was a teenager, and when Jennifer was 17, Drake wasn’t even born.

Is Drake too young at 30 for Jennifer Lopez to date?

Neither Lopez nor the rapper has discussed their romance with the media. However, Jennifer did confirm that the two are collaborating on a music project, noting that she isn’t sure whether it will be part of his upcoming album.

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Although Lopez isn’t dishing about her romance with the media, both Jennifer and the rapper have shared photos on Instagram. In addition, according to In Touch, Lopez has introduced Drake to her 8-year-old twins, Max and Emme.

Noting that some fans “were stunned to learn the musical powerhouses started dating,” the publication claimed that the introduction to her twins from her relationship with Marc Anthony took place even though Jennifer allegedly has been “fighting” with the rapper “about having kids of their own.”

Jennifer Lopez reportedly has introduced her son Maximilian and daughter Emme to her new boyfriend Drake.

A source cited by In Touch claimed that Lopez and Drake are facing a challenge in their blossoming romance because Jennifer “doesn’t want kids,” while he does.

“[Jennifer Lopez is] done having babies. But Drake’s at a point in his life where he wants it all. A hot partner and the kids. It’s causing problems.”

However, despite those allegations of “problems,” the reports that their romance is blossoming have continued since the start of dating rumors in December. The publication also cited another source’s claim that the rapper is “obsessed” with Lopez, noting that he has shared photos of her on his social media.

“This is crazy, he posted pics of her on his social media at her Las Vegas concert — he never does that,” said the insider. “He was putting the moves on J.Lo heavy in Vegas.”

And according to that source, the age gap between himself and Jennifer doesn’t bother Drake.

“He was flirty with her the entire time, telling her how she’s f–king ageless and beautiful.”

As for how serious the romance is getting, Us Weekly reported that multiple sources had confirmed that the rapper met Lopez’s twins, Max and Emme, and that he has been spending time at Jennifer’s home.

“Drake has been hanging out at Jennifer’s new house in Bel Air,” said one of the sources. “He has been there several times and is getting to know her kids.”

The insider also revealed that the rapper, 30, likes to spend time with Lopez’s youngsters, who she shares with her ex-husband Marc Anthony.

“They all have a lot of fun together. Her kids really like him and they know all of his songs.”

Noting that Lopez’s twins “like having him around,” the source said that Drake “loves seeing Jennifer in ‘mom mode.’” The two spend their time at Lopez’s house relaxing, preparing dinner, and watching movies, according to the insider.

Ever since the rapper and Jennifer connected backstage in early December at her “All I Have” Las Vegas residency, they’ve alternated between work, including the collaboration that Lopez confirmed, and date nights. The lovebirds were spotted ringing in 2017 together at a New Year’s Eve party.

A Lopez insider told Us that the romance is “the real deal” and said that Jennifer and Drake have “gotten very close fast.”

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