Melania’s Scowl After Trump Passes Comment In Inauguration Video Goes Viral: What Did Donald Say That Made The First Lady’s Expression Darken?[Video]

A video that appears to show first lady Melania Trump reacting with a scowl after President Donald Trump turned around during a speech by evangelist Franklin Graham to pass a comment on Inauguration Day has gone viral online. The video has sparked speculation on social media and online forums about what Trump said that caused Melania's expression to darken with a scowl.

Many viewers argued that the video appears to show Melania, 46, with a dour expression on her face after her 70-year-old husband turned around during Graham's speech to say something to her.

"It's my prayer that God will bless you, your family, your administration and may He bless America," Rev. Franklin Graham was saying when President Trump turned around to face his wife and pass a comment.

When Trump turned around, Melania smiled broadly and nodded. Trump turned away after making a comment with a self-satisfied smirk on his face. However, as soon as he turned and looked away, the broad smile on Melania's face vanished instantly. Her face appeared to darken with a scowl that suggested she disapproved of her husband's comment.

Although millions speculated about what President Trump might have said that elicited what appeared to be a strong negative reaction from Melania, no one has any idea what it was.

However, many viewers thought that the look on Melania's face after Trump turned away revealed her true feelings about her husband and his wisecracks. The fact that she forced herself to smile and nod approvingly but dropped the smile instantly after Trump turned away reflected badly on their relationship, many viewers said.

"Melania starts to smile as she sees Trump turning around to look at her," a viewer on YouTube commented. "He appears to be smiling as he's talking... then at 0:08, he suddenly drops the smile and says a single word and turns forward. Melania stops smiling, but there is an undeniable look of hurt too. It certainly appears that whatever that one word was, it wasn't nice."

"And the way he turns around; like he knew he hurt her and was proud of himself," another viewer commented.
"This is public evidence of domestic abuse... She is humiliated after what he says to her."
"This is about the third video I've seen like this... he seems to completely disregard her or her feelings. I truly feel sorry for her," a fourth viewer added.

One viewer suggested tongue-in-cheek that Trump might have told his wife, "If you're not careful I'll deport your a**."

However, others noted that Melania had worn a serious expression before her husband turned around to pass a comment. She started smiling as soon as she noticed her husband turning around. She kept the smile on her face until he turned away from her. According to some viewers, Melania's expression simply reverted to the serious expression she had worn before Trump turned to address her. Thus, her change of expression after Trump turned away should not be construed as a reaction to whatever Trump said.

However, others insisted that Melania forcing herself to smile even before she heard what Trump had to say and then dropping the smile immediately after he turned around offered a glimpse into their relationship. The incident suggests that Melania is not happy about her marriage and that she smiles only to please her domineering billionaire husband, some viewers argued.

Melania Trump and Donald Trump
Melania Trump is not happy, she only smiles to please her domineering husband, some speculated [Image by Alex Brandon/Shutterstock]

"It really feels like he is holding her hostage," a Twitter user concluded.

However, some dismissed the speculation as groundless.

Several Trump supporters questioned the authenticity of the video, suggesting that it was edited to make it look like Melania was displeased about something Trump said.

However, the New York Daily News claimed that a wide shot of the same clip proved it was authentic.

The is not the first time that viewers have speculated about the relationship between Donald and Melania based on a video taken at the inauguration. "Body language experts" who analyzed clips from the inauguration suggested that Trump acted selfishly on multiple occasions during the inauguration.

A clip purportedly shows Trump ignoring is wife and walking ahead of her. Trump got out of the car and walked ahead to shake hands without helping his wife out of the car. According to the analysts, Melania looked confused and nervous.

However, the Obamas apparently noticed Melania's confusion. They smiled at her and guided her forward.

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