Tiny Harris Admits She & T.I. Aren’t Over Despite Divorce Filing, ‘TIP Needs To Come Back To Me’ [Video]

Tiny Harris appears to be making it pretty clear that she’s not ready to split with estranged husband T.I. (also known as TIP) just yet despite Tiny filing for divorce for her husband of almost seven years last month.

Harris, whose real name is Tameka Cottle, recently opened up about the current state of her relationship with T.I. during a recent video chat with fans. She hinted that her divorce filing doesn’t necessarily mean a breakup for herself and the rapper.

The Shade Room posted footage of the video Tiny uploaded to social media in which she discussed her romance with T.I., who she married back in 2010. It looks like Harris is confirming her and TIP’s split may be off by admitting that her rapper husband “needs to come back” to her.

“He [needs] to come back to me, baby,” Harris can be heard saying in the clip about T.I., who she filed for divorce from in 2016 despite the twosome being together for around 15 years. “He [needs] to come on back to me… I’m where I’m supposed to be.”

TSR Staff: Kyle Anfernee Instagram: @Kyle.Anfernee A couple of weeks ago Tiny Harris filed for divorce from T.I. but it looks like there may still be hope for the two! _________________________________ Relationships can be tough #Roommates but sometimes you have to walk away for the other person to see what they’re truly missing out on. Tiny recently appeared on Instagram Live and it looks like TIP may get another chance if he gets it together. _________________________________A fan asked Tiny about her relationship status, She said: _________________________________ “He need to come back to me, baby. He need to come on back to me… I’m where I’m supposed to be at!” _________________________________ #Roommates --Read more at TheShadeRoom.com

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Tiny’s latest confessions about T.I. come just weeks after she filed for divorce from the rapper, who also goes by the pseudonym TIP. Sources alleged to Hollywood Life that there’s a good chance the couple may actually reconcile and call off their divorce mere weeks after Harris first filed.

A source recently alleged to Hollywood Life that Tiny has been doing a lot of reflecting on her and T.I.’s marriage in recent weeks and is supposedly contemplating canceling their divorce, just weeks after filing following a whole lot of relationship drama which Bossip claimed last year, including cheating allegations.

“Tiny’s just about to yank the divorce papers off the table,” a source recently revealed of Tiny and T.I. potentially calling off their divorce and getting back together, despite Harris only filing for a permanent split from TIP last month.

The site’s insider then went on to claim that Harris was supposedly never actually serious about divorcing T.I. and allegedly was “only trying to scare him to the bone by filing.”

Tiny Harris & husband T.I. celebrate his birthday

Although Harris appeared to hint in her video that she and T.I. may not have been close in the wake of her divorce filing, Hollywood Life’s Harris insider claimed that she and TIP have, in fact, been spending a lot of time together over the Holidays.

“[The] fact is she loves TIP,” continued the source just days before Tiny seemingly admitting that she was ready to make her six-year marriage to T.I. work.

Last week, she revealed that Harris and T.I. have been communicating well in recent weeks.

“They’ve talked about their problems,” confirmed the source of Tiny and T.I. “They’ve been having loads of family time [and are] connecting on spiritual level.”

But while insiders close to Tiny and T.I. claimed that the couple have been talking about a possible reconciliation, the site also reported that Harris has supposedly already set some ground rules for the rapper to follow should they get back together following her divorce filing.

Tiny Harris & husband T.I at Marvel's "Ant-Man" premiere

“[Tiny] basically told [TIP] that if she even suspects him of cheating… that she’s going to make his life hell on earth,” said the source of Harris’s alleged ultimatum as rumors swirl that she and her estranged husband may be getting back together.

TMZ also recently confirmed that T.I. and Tiny have been spending time together following her December divorce filing, reporting last month that the couple were still speaking and on good terms for their children.

“T.I. and Tiny are currently on speaking terms,” TMZ said of the couple, who wed in 2010 and have three children together as well as multiple stepchildren from previous relationships in December.

The site also alleged that an insider close to the duo claimed that things have been so good between Harris and T.I. in the wake of her divorce filing and amid reports they may be getting back together that the couple had “even been romantic together” over the holiday period.

What do you think of Tiny Harris’s recent confessions about a potential reconciliation with T.I.?

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